Hello, Nice People

I’m here! Can’t promise that I’ll get myself back on any regular blogging schedule. (Isn’t there something I can take for that? Something to make me regular? Oh . . . never mind. Different problem.)

Not a whole lot of knitting to share, but I just needed another place to be able to say THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES OVER for supporting me during the tough time I’m going through. In the past, I’ve written a little bit about my experience with breast cancer and unfortunately I’m about to write a little bit about it again.

Recurrence. A much-hated word among all cancer butt-kickers.  I’ve had to add it to my vocabulary.  My back-to-yearly routine mammogram caught a new cancer. Early. DCIS – meaning cancer in the duct and not in the breast tissue. Best possible bad news to get. Because cancer showed up again in the same breast after only 4 years, because I had atypical cells in the other breast that had to come out and because I have a wonderful life filled with people I love and want to be with for a long, long time, I chose a bilateral mastectomy with expander reconstruction.  Not a choice I really wanted to have to make, but definitely the right one – no doubt.  I had the surgery on November 24th and I’m feeling better every day.  It’s going to be a long process and I have to get used to the fact that I can’t do all that I want to do right now, but I have an angel of a son, loving parents and sisters who have taken such good care of me and would do anything for me, tons of amazing friends who are all about feeding me and making me feel loved, and the very happy bonus of having a wonderful man who I love to pieces and who loves me back and has been by my side throughout all of this. I truly believe I’m the luckiest person on the planet right now.

So . . . to any of you who are reading this:  Thank you for every card, email, phone call, gift, visit, good thoughts, and prayers you’ve sent my way.  Thank you for giving me my medicines, rubbing my back, feeding me, propping up my pillows, putting snuggy socks on my feet, driving my boy to visit me in the hospital and driving him to school, changing my bandages, helping get dressed into my fancypants pajamas, washing my hair, feeding my kitty, and entertaining me.  If there’s anything I’ve failed to mention, thank you for that, too.

I know there are tons and tons of good people in the world, but right now I think most of them are gathered around me.  I’m willing to share, though.

To any of you who are reading this and don’t know me in real life, please just let me say this: If you have boobs, get your mammograms on time and encourage anyone you know who has boobs to do the same.  Both of my cancers were caught early with mammography – the first at age 39 and this one at age 43.  No family history. No risk factors. Nothing but regular old boobs. That’s all I needed to have cancer.  Take care of yourselves and take care of your loved ones.

I’m looking forward to putting this all behind me and to having new, perky boobs.  Here’s to chucking all my old bras! And as a friend wrote to me last night, here’s to eternal perkiness!

11 Responses to “Hello, Nice People”

  1. accountantgrrl Says:

    Welcome back and we all love you so no thanks are necessary. 🙂

  2. rmsheffler Says:

    Wow! You sure have been busy. No wonder you’ve been so quiet. But I’m SO glad that you’re feeling better. When you’re feeling up to it, we’d love to see you.

  3. costumechick Says:


  4. jennsquared Says:

    What accountantgrrl said. 🙂

    Love you!

  5. Maggie's Mom Says:

    Love (1,000,000)

  6. Jennu Says:

    Wow. I’m glad you’re feeling better and that you’re going to be OK. And don’t worry about not blogging lately. I think cancer gets you a get out of blog free card.

    • knelley Says:

      Thank you! I really hope to get back to my blog soon. I love doing it, but I’m just not into it lately. I have a hard enough time staying awake!Hope all is well with you and yours, and you have a happy holiday season!- Kelley—– Original Message —–From: “comment-reply@wordpress.com” Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2009 11:13 amSubject: [Knelley Knits] Comment: “Hello, Nice People”To: kelleyellek@optonline.net>

  7. Nicole Says:

    Stupid cancer. I’m so sorry you have to do this again. I did the proph mast last year, and it’s so worth the peace of mind. Super happy that they caught it as DCIS!

    • knelley Says:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m feeling a little better every day.Hope you’re well, too! I agree that the peace of mind the mastectomiesgive us make it all worth it!-Kelley—– Original Message —–From: “comment-reply@wordpress.com” Date: Sunday, December 13, 2009 3:04 pmSubject: [Knelley Knits] Comment: “Hello, Nice People”To: kelleyellek@optonline.net>

  8. fourmontys Says:

    Welcome back. You’re an awesome “cancer butt-kicker”!

    Much love.

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