Knit Two, Purl Two, Knit Two, Purl Two, Kn . . .


Rounds and rounds and rounds of knit two purl two knit two purl two have netted me a whopping one and a half inches of ribbing. Granted, it’s ribbing that’s made of beautiful Malabrigo-ey goodness, but it’s reminded me of why I avoid stuff like this.  Knitting the ribbing on the cuff of a sock is painful, but it ends after a few inches.  This entire sweater is knit in ribbing.


I’m hoping to get into a good rhythm and enable myself to knit this mindlessly – without even looking.  I’ve tested myself a few times, knitting for a stretch without looking.  I just can’t trust myself to really knit the knits and purl the purls. I have to keep checking.  My speed is building on bringing the yarn forward and back, but I’m no CostumeChick or Anphoe – that’s for sure.  Those girls fly through projects. They can knit in the dark while hanging upside down with their hands tied behind their backs. Really. I’ve seen them do it. I’m a fumbler. The one time I tried to knit in the dark I had to hold the yarn and needles so close to my face that I almost put an eye out.

The bright, sunny spot of this project is the yarn. Malabrigo is my all-time favorite yarn and the Continental Blue color is so beautiful. It’s a little more on the teal side than the photos show. I have 5 skeins of it – a Christmas gift from my parents – and I’ve been waiting for a project worthy of such gorgeous yarn.  I think this is it.

I truly believe that if I can stick to this project and finish it, someone somewhere should give me a trophy. Or a medal.  A plaque.  A certificate.  Something.

Give me some encouragement, people.

Just one request.  No comments about how it’s ribbed – for my pleasure.  I beat you to it.

4 Responses to “Knit Two, Purl Two, Knit Two, Purl Two, Kn . . .”

  1. rmsheffler Says:

    Keep going! You’ll probably finish before I even start mine.

  2. costumechick Says:

    Anphoe and I had a contest the other night to see who could knit upside down, in the dark, withour eyes closed, while playing guitar hero. All told, we had a great time with the pineapple juice cans.

    The mmmmmmalibrigo is gorgeous, and looks amazing ribbed for your pleasure.

  3. accountantgrrl Says:

    Hey I think I still have photographic evidence of the time you tried to knit in the dark! 🙂

    I’ll have to get me some MMmmmmalabrigo goodness sometime. I’ve never experience the wonder that is Mmmmmalabrigo.

  4. Mom Says:

    Very pretty stitch and I love the color. Is it gonna fit ?

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