Fun with Kids

Kids are so cute when you dress them up.

Every year, third graders read the biography of Helen Keller and then we follow it up with several other biographies. In the past, we’ve had each child choose a biography of a special person, read it, write a short report about the person, and then dress up as their person for Biography Day.  This year, my grade partner and I decided to change it up by borrowing an idea from another teacher.

People Posters.  Instead of having the kids dress up, we gave each child a large sheet of poster board and instructions:  Cut out a hole for your face and two smaller holes for your arms to go through.  Decorate the poster to show the famous person.  Some suggestions: color the clothes and create a background, add yarn for hair, glue on buttons, etc.

Take a peek . . .

Mike Piazza from the New York Mets:


Mark Twain:Mark Twain

And Cleopatra.


So much fun.

Here’s another bit of fun.  This one, I must admit, is not written by one of my students.  This boy is in the 3rd grade class across the hall.  His task:  Complete an organizer to note information about a very special person.  His person?  His dad.  Sweet.  He had to fill in details about his dad’s physical traits and personality traits, as well as a special way his dad has helped him and a special way he’s helped others.

Now, when you think about physical traits, what comes to mind?  Height? Size? Eye and hair color?  Sure.  Those are the things that most kids would write about – they’d describe what the person looks like.


Not this boy.  Take a close look at the physical traits.


Snort. Remind me to call my dad and find out if his blood pressure is normal.

I’ll sneak in a little knitting now.  I’ve been working on my Midori scarf.  Slow and steady progress.  Such pretty yarn.


Take a closer look:


Emmie loves it.


And I’ll leave you with more kid fun.  One of my hotshots wanted to make a card for his nana, who is recuperating from surgery.  Nana is a huge Mets fan.


And the meat goes on.

3 Responses to “Fun with Kids”

  1. rmsheffler Says:

    Hee, hee, hee. Remind me to make a card like this for my hubby when he has surgery this summer. He could care less about the Mets, but loves meats!

  2. Anne Says:

    Go meats!

  3. Kathy Says:

    This is where I come for entertainment!! Watch that scarf…I’m thinking Emmie is about to make it hers!

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