Ta Freakin’ Da

Liesl.  She’s done.  I promise you this will be the last time we talk about her.

There she is, newly finished – for the second time – and drying after a quick spritz of water in an attempt to pretend I blocked the bottom section.


Here she is, sitting in the corner, having some time to think about the misery we’ve gone through together.  She feels kind of bad and wishes she had a voice so she could have told me to leave her alone.


Here were are together.  Look how happy we are:


Look how strong we are:


We don’t have buttons yet, so we’re just using a shawl pin.


We’re done!  Liesl and I are looking forward to some quality time together, quietly enjoying each other’s company.


Now that I’ve freed up my knitting time, I can move onto a new project.  I’ve chosen the Cable Luxe Tunic from Lion Brand.  I’m using yarn from my stash – Valley Yarns Northampton in Dark Periwinkle from WEBS.  Look – I even swatched!010

Okay, so my swatches are teeny and don’t really count, but for me, they are amazing simply because I took the time to knit them.  The pattern calls for size 8 needles, but I didn’t get gauge, so I swatched with size 9 and hit it on the nose.  I think.  That swatch was kind of small . . .

I started to knit the cable yoke.  Only one 16-row pattern repeat across 26 stitches and I needed to break for a nap.


This pattern is going to be a major challenge for me, challenging both my cabling skilz and my patience.  I’m going to try to knit it at an easy pace with no pressure whatsoever.  None.  It’ll be my Zen Cable Luxe Tunic.


So tonight, on this last day of 2008, my boy, my kitty, my sweater and I wish you all a very happy, healthy, and peaceful NEW YEAR.  May 2009 be a wonderful year for all of us.

8 Responses to “Ta Freakin’ Da”

  1. betsy Says:

    oh it looks wonderful

  2. Mom Says:

    A Happy, Healthy, Calm, Peaceful New Year to you, our boy and Emmie. The sweater is beautiful. Enjoy !!

    Love ya …..

  3. Peaceful Knitter Says:

    Liesl turned out great! I hope you can forget about the past and have a happy future together!
    The new project looks challenging…I like your zen attitude about it and look forward to seeing it progress.

  4. accountantgrrl Says:

    A – Freakin’-MEN, sista!

  5. Kathy Says:

    The sweater turned out great! Enjoy!

    Good luck with the cabled tunic. It’s such a gorgeous pattern. Thanks for choosing Northampton!

    Much knitting happiness in ’09 to you!


  6. rmsheffler Says:

    (jealous x 1,000) I L-O-V-E the new pattern, but I’m sweater-phobic. Maybe after I develop some mad sweater skilz (somehow)…… ?

  7. throwslikeagirl74 Says:

    I’ve been working on the cable luxe since January. 2008. Heh. I”m still on the back. I may not be able to speak to you for a while if you finish it before I do. Grins.

  8. Mad Knitter Says:

    I love liesl! Are you wearing it to SnB? Or have you already? Or will you again? Please?

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