Nothing But Knitting

I’ve got lots of knitting to show you – gifts that are now living with their new owners and my finally finished purple cardigan.  Without further delay . . .

Slipper socks for Mom, knit with Lamb’s Pride Bulky in a denim blue.  Snuggy for my mommy’s piggies.


A neckwarmer for Dad, knit with Malabrigo Worsted Merino in color Autumn.  This is meant to go with his cool, new, brown leather bomber jacket.


He didn’t quite understand the purpose of it at first, but I’m sure he’ll figure it out.


Another neckwarmer – this time for my brother-in-law, modeled by me.  It’s knit with Sirdar Big Softie in a chocolate brown and is complete with Celtic knot buttons to appeal to his love of all things Irish.


And look – it’s another neckwarmer.  This one is for my knitting sister.  What do you knit for a person who can knit circles around you?  Well, you knit something snuggy and soft in her favorite color.  Simple.


Oh my!  It’s another one.  You’ve seen this one before.  It’s the Captain Crunch neckwarmer modeled by my crocheting/sewing sister, it’s new owner.


This last gift is a special one that I made for my mom.  To thank her for teaching me to knit and for giving me the gift of knitting, I filled a shadow box with swatches of some beautiful yarns knit into pretty stitch patterns.  Now I want to make one for myself.  Knitting as art.


I’ve been having fun dyeing yarn with Wilton’s icing colors.  This is Berroco Cuzco, originally ivory, dyed with violet, royal blue, and cornflower blue.  I dyed two skeins together, so I should have plenty to knit a pretty scarf.


And finally, Liesl.  Finally.  She’s done.  Finally.  This sweater has been a thorn in my side. The yarn was originally knit into the Antique Garden sweater, which I hated.  I frogged it and knit Liesl, which I love.  Beautiful sweater, but the arms were too snug.  I ripped back, snuck in 4 extra stitches under the arm carried them down the underside of the sleeve.  Thanks to my knitting sister for advising me what to do and talking me off the ledge.  It worked.

Here’s Liesl before blocking:


And here she is while blocking:


Blocking this scares me.  The sweater is so fragile when it’s wet and I’m so worried about shaping it exactly the right way.  My other worry is keeping my freakin’ cat off of it.  I had to transfer the sweater onto just two of the four foam squares I’m using for blocking and hide it in the downstairs bathroom for the night.  It’s still very damp today and I want it to dry quickly so I can try it on.  I’m so impatient.

I’m going to get my boy out of the house today. He’s doing well and keeping busy.

Thank you to everyone who left comments on my last post and contacted me privately to send some good thoughts our way.  It means so much to me and to my boy.

I hope 2009 will be a happy and healthy year for everyone.

4 Responses to “Nothing But Knitting”

  1. rmsheffler Says:

    Way to go! The knitting looks fab as always & the dye job is drool worthy!

  2. Peaceful Knitter Says:

    So many wonderful finished objects! Well done.

  3. Mom Says:

    Everything is beautiful ! I love my shadowbox, can’t wait to display it. Thank you,
    Mom of creative women.

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    […] Knelley Knits My world: knitting, mothering, teaching, and living well after breast cancer. « Nothing But Knitting […]

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