Just Need to Take a Moment

My boy and I have been going through a rough time.  His dad, my ex-husband Nick, has been battling an illness for a long time and  made the decision to give up the fight.  For the last several weeks, my boy, his brother (my step-son), and I have been spending a lot of time with Nick, remembering good times and making some new memories for the boys.

Life with Nick wasn’t always pretty, but he had a huge heart and more than anything, he loved his boys.  He wanted to be a good father to them and he did the best he could.  He wanted them to grow up to be good men – and his boys are more than he could have ever hoped for.  They’re kind, caring, sweet, and loving young men.  (Nick made really good choices about the women he chose to marry, too.)

On Tuesday night, two days before Christmas, my boy and I, with his brother and his mom, were at Nick’s side as he took his last breath.  He had his boys with him.  They knew he loved them and he knew he was loved by them. It was devastating for all of us – so hard to let him go – but this is what he wanted.  He’s at peace now.

I’m so sad for my boy and for his brother.  They’re both missing out on so much – losing their dad this early.  He was only 49 years old.

We’ll all miss him.




















We’ll miss him.

15 Responses to “Just Need to Take a Moment”

  1. accountantgrrl Says:

    I am so very sorry for you and your boy (and for his brother too.)

    You all are in my thoughts and prayers. I would give both you and your boy an extra big squeeze if you were near me.

  2. rmsheffler Says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. May your memories comfort you all during this difficult time. {warm knitted hugs coming your way}

  3. jennsquared Says:

    So sorry to hear. Hugs to you and your boy.

  4. Mom Says:

    I’m so glad you have those beautiful pictures for the boys. So sad. You, Nick and the boys are in my prayers every day.
    Love you all,

  5. Kathy Says:

    Wow. What a really nice tribute to Nick. I’m so glad you have those pictures that you can share with the boys. I probably have more if you want me to look. Hang in there. Love you guys!!!

  6. sunflowerfairy Says:

    Sorry for your loss. And for your son. 49 is too young.

  7. Peaceful Knitter Says:

    Those are some wonderful photos. I am so sorry.

  8. Susan Andrews Goldthwait Says:

    You are such a giving, loving person with a huge heart to help your son through this grieving process. Such a hard thing to go through at such an early age. Your pictures of Nick show such a proud happy Dad – what a tribute to both boys.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Wade & Susan

  9. betsy Says:

    prayers to the moms and the boys.

  10. Kim Says:

    Very lovely. Lots of great memories. You are a wonderful mom.
    Love you.

  11. RecycleCindy Says:

    Losing someone in the family and at such a young age is so difficult. Enjoy the memories and celebrate his life. I will be thinking good thoughts and sending healing prayers to you and the family. Take care,

  12. Kathleen Says:

    I’m so sorry to read about Nick. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I know how hard it is to lose your dad, so my heart goes out to your son and his brother. K

  13. Anne Says:

    What a beautiful tribute. My heart goes out to the boys and all who loved Nick. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  14. Erin Says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss, and for the boys’, and for all of Nick’s family and friends’. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  15. Tim O'Brien Says:

    Hi Kelly,

    I wanted to take some time to look at your website (chronic procrastinator) and I came upon this entry. Very sad to deal with I’m sure.
    I lost my dad when I was 9. Growing up without a dad is tough but it does ad a depth to one’s spirit. One would think it was spirit crushing, but I think it teaches us that we have a deep reserve of life in us and we will move on. My brother’s and I missed him growing up but as time went by we all poured our energy into our own families and for all of us, being fathers cured much of the ancient sadness we carried around.
    You have lovely boys.
    Tim O’Brien

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