We STILL Can’t Have Nice Things

The boy thought that tonight would be the perfect night to set up our Christmas tree.  It’s a tiny one, bought last year to replace our shouldn’t-have-been-shedding-needles-like-crazy artificial tree.  Because Emmie climbed, clawed, and knocked the big tree down, we downsized.  This year, we thought she might be a little more grown-up and sophisticated and would treat the tree with respect.


This is the same cat who climbs the curtains and swings from the blinds.

Within two minutes of the tree being set up – before the branches were even fluffed, up she went.  Take a close look.


She’s upside down and her mouth is open, ready to chew on the branches.  Such a little lady.

Thirty seconds later . . . down she goes.


We need a little Christmas.  Right this very minute.

But this freakin’ cat won’t let us have it.

5 Responses to “We STILL Can’t Have Nice Things”

  1. accountantgrrl Says:

    Oh no! Not again.

    I’m afraid to put my tree up. The pug (Rion) has always left the tree alone. Not sure what the Jack Russell (Lourdes) would do, so why chance it?

  2. Peaceful Knitter Says:

    That stinks! I have found a complex system of rope and bungee cords to be effective in keeping the tree upright, despite all attempts from the cats to knock it over!

  3. Mom Says:

    Bad kitty. She needs a good talking to. What does she know about trees ? She’s never been outside .

  4. Anne Says:

    Perhaps Emmie would prefer a Festivus Pole.

  5. rmsheffler Says:

    Oh, my….. Luckily for us, Chesney has left the new tree alone. Have you tried spraying it with cat repellent? We used to have to do that for her; it doesn’t hurt at all, just tastes bad.

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