Hello . . . ello . . . ello . . . lo . . . lo . . . o . . .

It’s an echo chamber in here lately.  Just haven’t been able to get myself to click on that New Post button.  Today is my day.  It’s my day to sit on the couch in my pajamas, catch up on trashy television, knit, update Ravelry AND write a new blog post.  My kind of day.

Allow me to update you.  I can’t show you all of my knitting, because several of my projects are giftables for loved ones who may be reading (Hiya!), but I’ll flash a few at you.

Here’s Liesl.  She’s coming along nicely.


I’ve put her aside for a few days to work on other projects, but there may be another reason why she’s laying on the couch being ignored.   It may have something to do with arms.  My arms.  My arms may be a little bit big.  Or it may be something to do with Liesl’s arms.  Her arms may be a little bit small.  I’m hoping that if I leave her alone for a while, my arms will shrink or hers will embiggen (love that word).  My sister assures me that blocking will help and Liesl and I will get along nicely.  I hope she’s right.  This is is already the second incarnation of this yarn.  It needs a permanent form.

Here’s the first of a pair of slipper socks.


They’re a gift for my ex.  I’m nice that way.  He’s been under the weather and saw me knitting a pair of these when my boy and I were visiting him.  He loved them and requested a pair.  He’s not a fan of wool, so I’ve chosen Lion Brand Cotton Ease, a blend of cotton and acrylic.  I love this yarn.  It’s soft and really good-looking.  I’ll definitely use it again.

Not fishing for good wishes, but today happens to be my birthday.  Look what my boy gave me!


It’s a number pad for my laptop.  When we were looking at new computer keyboards for his Christmas wish list, I mentioned that the one thing I don’t love about my laptop was that it doesn’t have the number pad.  I just said it once, but my good boy was paying attention and got me one.  He’s such a goodie.  Love that boy.

Let’s look at the boy.  I think I might have told him that I wouldn’t show these photos on the blog, but I’m really not sure.  Since I can’t remember, I guess it’s okay to show them.  (He doesn’t read my blog anyway.  I’d have to talk about XBox 360 or something in order to draw him in.)

The boy had a rather enormous head of hair.  He’d let it grow wild after promising his Grammie that he wouldn’t cut off his curls.  True to his promise, he stuck it out for many months – until his hair could have housed several small animals.  He decided it was time for a trim.

The before . . .

The before . . .

. . . and the after.

. . . and the after.

Once he got into the barber shop, he changed his mind about the trim.  He wanted to cut it all off.  The barber obliged.  It’s gotten a smidge longer since the cut and the curls are really fighting to make a comeback.  His hair tends to want to point in a lot of different directions.  The boy has already decided that he wants to grow his big moptop again.  Grammie will be happy.

In school news, we have bugs.

Twelve of these delightful creatues are crawling around inside tanks in my classroom.  As long as they stay INSIDE, we'll get along just fine.

Twelve of these delightful creatues are crawling around inside tanks in my classroom. As long as they stay INSIDE, we'll get along just fine.

And since it’s my birthday, I’ll end this with a present.  Not for me – or for you – a present that a boy in my class wanted to give to his mom.  He asked me if I had any wrapping paper.  Um . . . let me think.  Nope.  I encouraged him to be creative and use construction paper, and I gave him a party napkin that I found in the cabinet.


Oh . . . you shouldn't have.

Oh . . . you shouldn't have.

4 Responses to “Hello . . . ello . . . ello . . . lo . . . lo . . . o . . .”

  1. Peaceful Knitter Says:

    Your sister is right: Malabrigo blocks out beautifully and you should end up with a little more room in the arms. Happy B-day!

  2. rmsheffler Says:


  3. accountantgrrl Says:

    Happy Birthday, Knelley! I’m glad you like the BSI card.

  4. firemanshunny Says:

    Happy birthday!

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