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It’s Been a While

November 26, 2008

Hello?  Anybody there?  Hello?

I haven’t been here in a while.  Life in Knelleyworld got a little bit stressful in the past few weeks, but I think that things might be settling down for me.  Keeping my fingers (and other body parts) crossed.  Looking forward to life getting back to normal – and looking forward to Thanksgiving.

Speaking about Thanksgiving . . . I baked pah tonight.  You might know it as pie.  I made pumpkin pah.  It’s taking every ounce of self-control I have to keep myself on the couch and out of the kitchen.  There are two (2!) pahs on my kitchen counter.  We really one need one (1!) for tomorrow, since there will be several other kinds of pah on our dessert table.  I could just keep one (1!).  Couldn’t I?  Trying to tough it out.

I also roasted this tonight:


Kidding.  In my family, we never eat cat for Thanksgiving.  Really.  Emmie was supposed to be acting as my pah-baking monitor, but realized that she’d just found a warm spot to take a good snooze.

I’ve been sneaking in some knitting here and there.  I’ve finished knitting and blocking the pieces for my Antique Garden cardigan.  Have to seam it up and then pick up the stitches for the collar and button band.  Scary.  I’ve been way too tired to even think of attempting to sew it up.  I anticipate frustration and tears.  I’m so not a sewer.


Here’s the neck/face-warmer I knit for my boy.  He’s not a willing model, so here I am.  It’s shown here in its geeze-Louise-I’m-walking-home-with-0-degree-wind-in-my-face mode.


Wearing it in this mode may come in handy when my boy needs to hold up a convenience store, bank, or liquor store.

Here’s the I’m-walking-home-in-the-cold-but-it’s-not-that-bad mode.  Exactly how he wanted it – nice and snug around the neck.


I didn’t tell my boy that they super-snug feeling around my neck made me feel like the Boston Strangler was walking behind me, but he seems to like it.  Gulp.

I remembered that I never showed you the French Market Bag now that it’s been felted.


Checked that off my list.

I hope everyone reading this has/had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family or friends – and lots and lots of pah.


And That’s What I Think About That

November 11, 2008

By Emmie, Guest Writer

My mom has been pretty busy lately.  Report cards.  Getting ready for parent conferences.  Science Committee.  Cleaning.  Blah blah blah.  She’s snuck in a little time for knitting, but probably not as much as she’d like. 

She’s been working on the purple sweater.  Big deal.  I don’t like it.  Want to know why?


Because she won’t let me near it!  Just look at it. Its softness whispers my name.  It calls me.  I’m trying to heed the call, but then Mom grabs it and pulls it away from me.  Geez Louise.  What’s the big freakin’ deal?  I just want to lay on it.  After I march on it, of course.  I have to march first.  Doesn’t everybody?

She started this thing for my boy last night.









It’s a neck thingie.  Kind of like neckwarmer, but more like a turtle neck without the rest of the sweater.  My boy wanted something to keep his face warm when he walks home from school in the winter.  He’s not a hat kind-of-kid, so he didn’t want one of those pull-on-over-the-face ski hats that some people wear.  You know, the kind that people wear to rob banks.  Ski masks!  That’s what they’re called.  He didn’t want one of those.  So Mom suggested a neckwarmer.  She told him it was like a short scarf that just goes around the neck.  He thought that was good, but he wanted to be able to pull it up over his face and have it stay there. 

So Mom bought some black yarn.  Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick (I read the label) because it has some wool and it’s really soft.  She knit a swatch (I know – I couldn’t believe it either) in K2P2 rib and then made my boy come in and let her measure his face.  Okay, it was really his whole head, but man, it was funny to see my boy with this number thing wrapped around his face over his nose and ears.  I snorted a little.  She started to knit this thing in the round with the idea that the K2P2 rib would make it stretchable.  It was 56 stitches on US 11 needles.  It was good.  She tried it on a few times.  Looked like a dork if you ask me.  She asked my boy to try it on and he did.  Complained it was too big.  Needed it to be snugger and fit closer around his neck when it wasn’t stretched.  Mom ripped it apart and started over – this time with 44 stitches.  Much better.  I think my boy will like it.

She also finished this thing – her French Market Bag.


She’s okay with it.  Thinks its a little too big, but I fit inside it so I think it’s awesome.

Mom brought home another pile of writing by her 3rd graders.  Get a load of this one:


He is hiding under his bed sheets, buddy.  It’s sheets.  Looks like the boy who wrote this even erased and thought he had corrected his spelling.  Nice try, pal.

Okay.  Let’s get to the real reason that my Mom turned the blog over to me today. 

See this nonsense?


This is the kind of stuff they do to me.  My boy put this red terry cloth sweat band around my neck.  Aw, cute.  Look at her.  She’s so adorable. 

I put up with it a few times.  I even pretended to like it.  I took a nap while wearing it.  Ate while wearing it.  Ran around while wearing it.  No big deal.  I’ll play along.

But what was I really thinking?  Bite me.

So this morning, when my boy put it on me for the 16th time?  When Mom laughed at me for the 16th time?  I showed them both.


That’s right.  My litter box. 

And that’s what I think about that.