Look at the Pretty . . . and Snort

Just stopped in for a quickie.  Too many papers to correct.  Let’s start with the pretty.

I’ve been working on the Antique Garden Cardigan in Malabrigo worsted in the color Cuarzo.  Love.  You’re looking at the completed left front and the almost-there right front.  I really like the fancy band at the bottom.  It’s called a brioche band – knit the wrong side rows and on the right side, knit one, knit into the stitch below and repeat.  Purty.

Now, we snort.  Or at least I will.  Again.  I’ve snorted several times over this.

Last week, my kids wrote paragraphs about their favorite TV shows.  This boy is really into wrestling.  I’m not.  I read along mindlessly, editing it before the boy wrote a final copy to hang up with an illustration.  The expression “hard core” bugged me a little, but I let it slide.  Then I got to the last line.  I just couldn’t edit it.  I didn’t know how.  Please enjoy.

Snort (1,000).

This piece of loveliness was written by the same boy who, during recess, was playing a game where two friends gripped him by the arms and dragged him forward as two other boys held sticks like guns.  I blew my whistle (yup – I have a whistle) and walked toward them, telling them that their game didn’t look like it was appropriate for school.   I reminded them that we never pretend we have guns at school.  This boy said, “Aw, come on.  We’re just playing “Going to Juvie.”


6 Responses to “Look at the Pretty . . . and Snort”

  1. firemanshunny Says:

    oh come on! don’t tell me you never played going to Juvie when you were a small girl??!

  2. accountantgrrl Says:

    I played Juvie all the time! (NOT!)

    This kinda stuff makes me NOT want to have children.

  3. costumechick Says:

    I too love Smackdown and Raw. Triple H is not my favorite, but he is a good guy. I like the Undertaker the best. The snot beating is the best part.

  4. Mom Says:

    Ahem… I won’t comment on that boy, but I have to tell you, I love that French Market Bag, beautiful color, nice work. I hope you’re using it !! Good job.

  5. Pam Says:

    I told Mark (my husband; I’m Kelley’s cousin) about this kid’s paragraph, and after I finally stopped laughing, he suggested editing that last sentence as, “I like the part at the end where the good guy beats up the bad guy.” Personally, the going to Juvey part worries me a bit; I bet you’re going to have an interesting chat with his parents.

  6. Mad Knitter Says:

    ROFL! Going to Juvie!!! This kid has lived a lot already, I’d be thinkin’, LOL! You have the best stories!

    I love the color of your cardigan! I can’t wait to see it in person!

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