Ready for Rhinebeck!

Finished my Juliet-Inspired Cardigan with Anthropology Undertones – just in time to wear this weekend. 

Here’s the front.  Kinda makes me look biggish, but I can live with it.

A view of the bell sleeve:

And the rear view:

I’m happy enough with it.  There are things I would change if I knit it again, but it’s okay.  I’ll try to remember to tell you about it after the weekend.

Ready to go buy more yarn.  Have to go make myself sleep.

3 Responses to “Ready for Rhinebeck!”

  1. Mom Says:

    That’s beautiful, looks nice on you. Enjoy Rhinebeck.

  2. rmsheffler Says:

    I don’t think it makes you look big at all — looks like a great layering piece, though! Maybe I’ll actually get to see it in person? *Hint, hint*

  3. Kim Says:

    It looks great, not biggish! Don’t be silly. Color is great, too. You did a great job with all your improvising.

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