Copycatting . . .

. . . again.  My sister knits something.  I knit it next.  My latest “next” is the French Market Bag from Knitty.  Kim just finished one and it’s a beauty.  I need to knit one, too.  I started it last night, knitting it with Farmhouse Yarns Fat Sheep that I bought last weekend at Yarn LLC in New Haven.  (I was getting a little twitchy because I hadn’t bought any new yarn in a few weeks.  I didn’t need any new yarn, but I wanted some.  In my yarn world, when it’s want vs. need, want always wins.)  The picture below shows one of my three skeins of Wildflowers (on top) and a skein of Roses on Brick.

I love the colors and I’m proud of myself for getting away from my usual blues and purples (although . . . um . . . there’s that order I just placed with WEBS . . . ).  Here’s the beginning of the bottom of the bag:

(If you feel an overwhelming urge to comment on the center hole and mention that it reminds you of a part of the human body controlled by a sphincter muscle, please bite your tongue.  This was discussed in person at SnB last night, and hopefully not overheard by the non-SnB, just-wanted-to-have-a-nice-meal-at-Panera- Bread customers last night.  If you do, however, wish to tell me that it looks like a boob, I can accept that.)

I’m looking forward to some good chunks of knitting time this weekend.  The 3rd grade teacher part of me has become a big thorn in the side of the knitterly part.  I’ve been teaching, correcting, managing, controlling, cleaning, organizing, copying, and planning myself into exhaustion each day.  I love what I do, but I miss my knitting needles and yarn. 

Hey – maybe you can help me out.  I was reviewing my students’ journal writing today and came across a response that has me stumped.  The journal prompt for today was: Would you rather have three eyes or three legs?  (Now I know that sounds wacky, but the kids love these kinds of prompts.  Yesterday’s was Would you rather be a bullfrog or a butterfly? One boy wrote that he’d rather be a bullfrog because if he was touched by a human, he’d still be able to hop, but if he was a butterfly and a human touched his wing, he wouldn’t be able to fly.  So there.  Good stuff, huh?)  The three eyes or three legs prompt jumpstarted some interesting writing.  A girl wrote that she’d rather have three legs because if she had to run in a 3-legged race, she wouldn’t need to have a partner.  She also wrote that she knew she’d need to buy two pairs of the same shoes.  A boy wrote that he’d like to have three eyes, with the third eye on the back of his head so that he could see who grabbed his shirt during the football game and he could tell the referree.  

This little darlin’ had something else to say.  This child is one of those kids who I just melt over.  She’s a sweet, quiet, and beautiful little girl.  She’s just not a speller. 

“I woed rly like to have 3 eisse or 4.  I wode have them on my frrede and on the erigley plass.  I wode loak at peplss birreyss.”

Maybe looking at the picture will give us some clues.

My grade partner and I read it again and again and again.  Here’s what we’re guessing: 

“I would really like to have 3 eyes or 4.  I would have them on my forehead and on the regular place.  I would look at people’s birreyss.”

Still can’t figure out the birreyss.  Any help?

Maybe, like another girl explained on her math paper . . .

. . . it’s very quiet easy.

5 Responses to “Copycatting . . .”

  1. yankeel Says:



    I got nothin’.

    When you find out, you must let us know.

  2. accountantgrrl Says:

    Brains???? I tried sounding it out like the rest of her sentence.

    And the sphinter comment was a lot cleaner than the other “pattern” we discussed. I won’t mention it here since your parents read your blog.

  3. Becca Says:

    “By recess”?
    maybe it’s something totally different like “viruses” – maybe a 3rd eye would have healing powers? Can’t wait to find out what she meant!

  4. rmsheffler Says:

    I as thinking it looked more like a bellybutton than anything else. What were you all thinking?!? Maybe your poor speller has problems with ‘r’ vs ‘l’ & she was writing bellies, too…..?

  5. Mad Knitter Says:

    Wow, can’t figure that one out…now I’m very curious! Nice work on the bag! I’ve been thinking about making like an eco bag or a netting-type bag for sand toys…I should talk with you about what yarn to use, seeing as how you’re our resident bag-lady and all ;).

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