Zzzzzz . . .

I’ll try to stay awake long enough to write this post.  I think one of my 3rd graders must have slipped something into my Crystal Light.  Zonked.  I slept late yesterday morning, sat on the couch and knit, tried to read a book, and woke up a few hours later.  It was a good day for doing nothing.   The rain and wind from Hanna postponed the Relay for Life, so I didn’t have to go anywhere.  As much as I was disappointed that the Relay wasn’t happening, I was so relieved.  I would have been crabby and miserable because I was so freakin’ exhausted.   I think I’m suffering from back-to-school-overheating syndrome.  The combination of trying to get back into the swing of school while sweltering in the heat and humidity destroyed me.  I was surrounded for four days by 21 little radiators.  Those kids give off some serious heat. 

While awake, I got some knitting and felting done.

Here’s my Ruffle Bag.  I’m happy with it.  I think.  Now that it’s done, I wish I’d place the handles in a little further from the sides.  It also needs a snap to close it.  And a lining.  I like it.  Really.  I do.

Here are the details:
Pattern:   Romantic Ruffles Felted Bag
Yarn:  Farmhouse Yarn’s Lumpy Bumpy by Charlene
        Trim & handles-Knit Picks Wool of the Andes double-stranded
Needles:  Knit Picks Options Harmony US 13
Modifications:  I knit a garter stitch rectangle bottom and picked up stitches all around – 32 st. X 13 st.
Pre-felting:  bag: 15.5”h x 15.5”w – i-cord: 72”
Post-felting:  bag: 9”h x 12.5”w – i-cord: 58”

After I read Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair (borrowed from Wife,”Mom,”Knitter – thanks!), I wanted to make a bracelet bag.  So I did.

Pattern:  Easy Felted Bracelet Bag
Yarn:  Cascade 220 – double stranded
Needles:  US 13
Modifications:  None
Pre-felting: 11”h x 6.5”w
Post-felting: 6”h x 5”w

And then I made another one.  This one used up lots of my leftover wool yarn (Malabrigo, Fat Sheep, and Lopi) – double stranded with Malabrigo throughout and mishmash spit-spliced bits of the other yarns.  I love love love it and I can’t wait to use it.

I modified this one to knit magic loop-style, rather than knitting from end to end, so the color changes would be the same around both sides of the bag.  I knit the two handles separately and then joined them together, just like the Dumpling Bag pattern.

Pre-felting: 12”h x 6.5”w
Felted: 7.5”h x 5”w

Ready for some 3rd-graderly cuteness?  We wrote addition and subtraction story problems on Friday.  The kids wrote some tricky problems for me to work on this weekend.

Here’s one from a kid who is obviously making an attempt to secure a spot as Teacher’s Pet:


And here’s one from a boy who I predict will provide us with endless entertainment for the next 177 school days:

Just in case you need a closer look:

I’m going to bite my lip about this one.

5 Responses to “Zzzzzz . . .”

  1. accountantgrrl Says:

    You’re bags are cute, lady. 🙂

    I thought that said “shit” when I read it. How funny is that?!

  2. Mad Knitter Says:

    OMG, my coke came out of my nose on that one, LOL! So, so funny!

    I hope this week is cooler, and more fun, for you!

  3. Mom Says:

    That is toooo funny !!! What are you teaching those kids ????
    I love the bags, nice job.

  4. yankeel Says:

    “How many shits are left”

    What, pray tell, was he TRYING to write?

  5. Patty Says:

    Had to check out your blog after you posted on mine……thanks!
    I am anxiously awaiting delivery of the dish rag tag box…..can’t wait!
    BTW, I made a ruffle felted bag last year, I’ll have to get it out and post
    a pic of it…it’s blue too 🙂
    Have a great day!

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