Back to Reality

That’s my boy’s first-day-of-school picture for 2008 – 10th grade.  Off to a great start.

He was actually happy about going back to school.  He just thinks his mother is a dork for trying to take first-day-of-school pictures past elementary school.  I’m not a dork.  I’m a mommy.  There’s a difference.

The boy was in a better state of mind about school than I was this morning.  I was nervous.  I think I was more nervous this year than ever before.  Maybe I am a dork.

We got off to a good start.  One of my girls brought me an apple.

Isn’t it a beauty?  I’ve never been given an apple on the first day of school before.  Sweet.

Each year, I put up a bulletin board in the hallway outside of my classroom to welcome the kids.  This year, I have 21 of them.  I put up a big sheet of paper for each child with an adjective and their first name, both starting with the same letter (like Friendly Frannie).  During the day, I have each kid draw a self-portrait to put on the board. 

Care to take a closer look at some of the stand-outs?  I thought so.

Here’s a boy who loves pigs:

Here’s a boy who is doing a flash-forward to his college days:

Here’s a boy who made a really good attempt at getting the glasses right:

Here’s the girl who brought the apple: ( I sure got the adjective correct!)

Here’s a girl who I’m still trying to figure out.  She’s in front of a castle, but take note of the skull on her dress.  I don’t get it.

Here’s a boy with a tiny little L-shaped nose:

Here’s a girl who things the letter h is a good nose shape:


Here’s a boy who is . . . .

white!  I don’t get this one, either.  I really don’t.

I love them all already.  They’re really an adorable bunch of kids and I know we’ll have a wonderful year together.  Cuteness.

And since Knelley knits, here’s the latest:

I finished the ruffle bag last night.  Just need to knit 80 bajillion inches of i-cord and felt both the bag and the cord and I’ll be done done done.  So far, I love love love.

Now I’m going to bed.  Children exhaust me.

2 Responses to “Back to Reality”

  1. accountantgrrl Says:

    How adorable!

  2. Mad Knitter Says:

    I love the kid with the bloodshot eyes! One wonders what *he* did on his summer vacation!

    Looks like it’s gonna be a great year with a super bunch of kids!

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