A Sign of Good Things to Come

In August of each year, letters are sent home to elementary school parents in my district to let them know who their child’s teacher will be.  As soon as I know the letters have been mailed, I send a letter of my own to each child on my class list.  I always begin each letter with, “I just heard some great news!  You’re going to be in my class!  I hope you’re as excited as I am about 3rd grade.  We’re going to have a great year together.”  I go on to tell the kids what they should (and shouldn’t) bring to school and I let them know where I’ll meet them in the morning before our first school day begins.  The kids are thrilled to find a letter in the mailbox addressed to them and they’re usually happy to see that it’s from their new teacher.  

Yesterday, I went to school again to work on organizing my classroom.  Before I left, I went into the Teacher’s Room at school to check my mailbox.  Hidden among the usual pile of notices and catalogs, I found a small envelope addressed to me – in pencil.  It was my turn to be thrilled to find a letter.  Here’s what I found inside: 

Cuteness.  What makes it even cuter is the fact that it was written by a boy.  I’ll bet you thought it must have been a girl, right?  I think it’s so sweet that this child wrote a letter to his new teacher – before she even made him do it!  Within the first few days of school, I always ask the kids to write a letter to me, telling me about themselves and what they’re looking forward to in 3rd grade.  This boy already finished that assignment.  He’s a peach.  I’ll keep him.

In my knitting life, today I participated in:

When I came home from school today, I found a box on my doorstep.  I’d been tagged for Dish Rag Tag.  Inside the box, I found a pretty pink dishrag, a ball of Sugar’n Cream cotton in Natural Stripes, a pattern, and some treats.  The pink dishrag is mine to keep, and I had to use the ball of cotton to knit a dishrag for the next member of my Dish Rag team.  I grabbed my needles and started knitting. 

The dishrag I knit is shown in progress, front and center in the picture.  The green-ish ball of yarn is the one I’m sending on to my team member.  She’ll use that to knit her dishrag.  We’re racing against other teams of twelve to see who will be the first team to have get through their whole roster. 

Here’s the pink one I get to keep.  (Thanks Ann in IL!)  She sent me a needle-size-gauge-stitch-counter thing (what DO you call these things?) along with some chocolate (which I realized had completely disappeared shortly after the boy came to check out my goodies).

Here’s the one I just finished, ready to go to Marianne in NY.  She’s also getting some treats in her box from me.  Not telling.  Now it’s up to her to knit like crazy like I did tonight.

It was the first time I’ve ever done something like this.  Fun!  I’m only the third person to knit on our team of twelve.  I’ll let you know how we finish.  Wish us speedy knitting!

5 Responses to “A Sign of Good Things to Come”

  1. yankeel Says:

    The dishcloth tag game looks fun! I wanna play!

  2. accountantgrrl Says:

    agree (1000)

    Where do you find out about all these fun things?

    The letter from the boy in your class this year is so sweet. His parents should be very proud.

  3. Amanda Page Says:

    Man, keep that student, can you clone him?

    I’m all the way towards the end of my Rag Tag Team (Expe-Dish-ous Raggers), so I’m all voyeuristic at everyone else’s knitting so far.

  4. Mad Knitter Says:

    Cute note from your student, cute dishrag, fast knitting! Boy, you flew through that!!! Missed you last night, hope to see you soon! Hope your year is off to a good start!

  5. rmsheffler Says:

    Wow…. Your new student sounds a whole lot better than some of mine! It will definitely be an interesting time in the 8th grade this year — I can already tell. But it sounds like you’ll have a great time in 3rd grade. Enjoy them!

    Dish Rag Tag sounds like fun, too. Like all my swaps!

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