A Dumpling and a Shameful Secret

Relax, Mom.  It’s not going to be that bad.  Really.  As my mother – as a person who took great pains to try to bring me up to be a respectable woman, this might only embarrass you a little.

But first, the Dumpling – my second one.  I used a bulky yarn and knit a 4-stitch i-cord (rather than 3-stitch).  This time, I followed my sister’s suggestion and did the handles in a different way.  I made the longer loop much longer.  The long handle will feed through the smaller loop.  Here it is pre-felting:

And here it is post-felting. 

This yarn made the bag feel thicker and more solid than my first one.  Cuteness.

The details:
Pattern: Dumpling Bag from Interweave Knits Fall 2008
Yarn:  Lamb’s Pride Bulky in Aztec Turqouise – 1 1/2 skeins
Needles:  Knit Picks Options Harmony US 13

Now . . . the shameful secret. 

It’s this:

I have a little nightgown problem – a raggedy, worn-out nightgown that no self-respecting young lady should wear.  I can’t seem to let this one go.  I know it should have received a respectful and proper burial long, long ago, but it’s my favorite nightgown.  I love it.  My sister Kim has the same one and when we used to go on vacation to the Cape together, we both wore it at the same time.  (It was bed-time.  We didn’t wear it in public.)  I think we got them from my parents for our birthdays or for some other gift-giving occasion, and I can’t remember if Kathy got one, too.  (Kath, please comment on this.)  This nightgown has been slept in, painted in, knitted in, hung around in, cleaned in, and washed and dried so many times, its holes have holes and it’s see-through in some areas. 

I love it and I’m keeping it forever. 

I might even answer the door when the UPS man comes and let him catch a glimpse of me in it.  Give him a thrill.

See Mom?  It wasn’t so bad after all.

7 Responses to “A Dumpling and a Shameful Secret”

  1. Mom Says:

    KELLEY !!!!!!
    No UPS man (unless he’s cute)


  2. accountantgrrl Says:

    Not so shameful, Knelley.

    My DH has a long-sleeved shirt that he wear under buttoned down shirts in the winter that he refuses to throw away. I’m not entirely sure what is holding this “thing” together since it is SO threadbare that it’s like the lace that Costumechick, Jennsquared and Anphoe knit.

    Maybe this explains my aversion to knitting lace….hmmmmm.

  3. rmsheffler Says:

    Love the second dumpling! Still waiting to start mine — but it’s on “The List”

    I hear you about the nightgown, though….. Some things are just so comforting after so much time that no matter what, they’re hard to part with. But I agree with your mom about the UPS guy!

  4. sunflowerfairy Says:

    I have a pair of jeans like that. They are 2 sizes too big and have holes in…um…areas that shouldn’t have holes.

    I should have gotten rid of them when they didn’t fit any longer, but they are also the most comfortable pair of jeans that I own. I still wear them in public, but I make sure that I’m wearing dark blue underneath so you can’t tell the holes. Atleast I think you can’t tell.

    I’m going to cry when I can’t wear them any longer.

  5. Kathy Says:

    Um…uh….I HAD one….many moons ago…it is long gone…I have learned to part with things that have holes. I no longer get attached to nightgowns. Now blankets with binding and holes…well, let’s just not go there, shall we?

  6. Leopardgirl Says:

    wow! I think mine is long gone too, but I have yucky nightgowns, don’t we all!

  7. Jeri Says:

    What if the hole is just little? And the thin parts are only a little thin? You know, so it’s cooler in the summer…
    I have some of those too big jeans with holes, too, where jeans aren’t supposed to have holes. And they’ve been patched. (Am I the only one who patches jeans?) But now they have holes next to the patches…

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