Good Stuff

Being the smart knitter that I am, I decided I should make a swatch to test out my picking-up-stitches method.  My mission was to pick up 144 stitches from 72 loops.  I realize I made the tiniest swatch one could possibly make, but it gave me some practice.  And practice was needed.  Look at this mess.

I tried a few different ways and found the one that worked the best.  I’ve knit a few rows of the body pattern and it’s looking good so far.  Slow going, but good.

 Remember these you-knows?

Several of the SnB girls liked them and wanted to buy them.  I had no idea what to charge for them, so I came up with what turned out to be a great idea.  At SnB the other night, I set out about six sets of stitch markers, told the girls to take them if they wanted and to make a donation to my Relay for Life team.  I went home with a $50 donation!   I’ve just posted this latest donation to my personal page at the ACS site.   Thanks, friends.

On another happy note, I was invited to lunch at the home of a woman I met last summer.  She was celebrating being on the other side of treatment a year after beginning her battle against breast cancer.  She looks and feels wonderful and I was so happy to see her in such great shape.  I had a lovely visit with her, her sister, and her niece.  This particular niece is a former student of mine – the very first student I ever met as a teacher.  (I remember setting up my classroom before starting my first year of teaching and out of nowhere this adorable little freckled face popped up at the window.  She introduced herself and told me that she was going to be in my class.   It was a really special moment for me.)  She’s a great kid.  I was lucky enough to have her brother in my class a few years later, and it’s so nice to have developed such a good connection with this family. 

As I was getting ready to leave, my friend presented me with a pretty pink box.  I didn’t expect a gift – I’d brought one for her.  She told me that she remembered seeing me before she even knew me – at a school drama club performance – my first public appearance in the midst of the school community after a very long absence.  She remembered kids, teachers, and parents being happy to see me, and me being so happy to be there.  According to her, I had very little hair and looked wonderful – happy and healthy.  Remembering that night showed her that she could get through her own battle.  I was the first person she’d seen who’d been through breast cancer and was coming out on the other side.   Such a warm fuzzy. 

This is what she gave me.

So sweet. 

It’s a strange thing – breast cancer.  It invites women into a club they never wanted to join.  After they’re in the club for a while, they realize that their fellow members are some pretty wonderful women.  Some good stuff has come from all of that crappity crap crap.

8 Responses to “Good Stuff”

  1. Leopardgirl Says:

    k f&b to breast cancer!!! good story, it made me mist up.

  2. accountantgrrl Says:

    Oh I did more than mist! What a great story! I am so glad that you’re friend is doing well.

  3. Mad Knitter Says:

    That’s so beautiful! Is it a key ring? What a lovely story. You were such an inspiration to her and didn’t even know it…imagine who else you are inspiring without knowing! So cool.

  4. Mom Says:

    See, there is a good side to stinky BC. What good people you’ve met along the way and they all have a good friend in you. Congratulations from a damp eyed mom.

  5. costumechick Says:

    I still want some balls, if you make more!
    I feel all warm and fuzzy for you and your club. nobody wants to be a member, but at least if you have to join, it’s nice to know goodies like you are out there!

  6. rmsheffler Says:

    “Good stuff” is right! Way to go (for all 3)

  7. Erin Says:

    I’m with Costumechick. If there has to be a BC club, it’s good that it’s filled with such great members.

  8. Jeri Says:

    I found your blog through ravelry and your dumpling bags. Never expected to find this. Congrats to you. And to me. I’m 11 years out.

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