Progress Report

Subject:  Quinn Cabled Bag

Focus Technique:  Cables

Progress:  Cable band for top of the bag completed on 8/14/08.

Reflection:  (Aka Notes to Self): 

1.  A heavily cabled piece of knitting is probably not the best choice of project for a Stitch’n Bitch meet-up, especially when said meet-up has roughly 24 attendees and a birthday celebration complete with singing and cake, and when cabler has limited cabling experience. 

2.  It’s best to remember to bring your cable needle to distraction-filled SnB meet-up.

3.  It’s good to have organized knitting friends who let you borrow a cable needle.  (Thanks, NutmegKnitter.)

4.  It’s smart to wait until you get home from the meet-up to attempt to remove the first provisional cast-on you’ve ever done, put live stitches back on a needle and graft the two ends together. 

5.  More practice with provisional cast-on technique is needed. 

6.  More practice with unzipping provisional cast-on is needed.

7.  More practice with figuring out where your missing stitch is – or is supposed to be.

8.  Don’t attempt to use the kitchener stitch to graft two ends together when you’ve had to create a wonky stitch somewhere so that you have the 24 stitches you’re supposed to have.

9.  Stick with your mad 3BO skilz to join ends when you’ve messed up.

10.  After finishing the band, take a l-o-n-g break prior to attempting to pick up 144 stitches from the band in order to knit the heavily cabled body.

11.  Consider knitting the body in plain stockinette stitch.

12.  Tell yourself to stop being such a weenie and knit the flippin’ cables.


5 Responses to “Progress Report”

  1. rmsheffler Says:

    It looks great — you’d never know that anything was amiss. (You’re missing a stitch? Really?)

  2. yankeel Says:

    Oooh it’s so pretty!

    I’ve got to try cables this year, but definitely not at the world’s biggest S&B gathering. Yow.

  3. Mad Knitter Says:

    Those cables are beautiful! I think you are lying…you have mad cable skilz too but aren’t telling :). Gorgeous.

    Suck it up and knit the cables! You can dooooo eeeet!

  4. Kim Says:

    It looks great (and so soft!). Congratulations, and keep going. Don’t do boring stockinette.

  5. accountantgrrl Says:

    Due to the volume of eager SnB this week, I didn’t realize thst you needed a cable needle. As said birthday girl and all around Girl Scout knitter, I would have let you borrow one. You know me, I’m always prepared for a knitting crisis.

    I think you are doing a fine job on your cables. Please don’t wimp out and do all stockinette.

    Go, Knelley, Go!

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