Love Me Some Malabrigo

I mean it.  It’s my new favorite yarn.  I want to knit a sheet out of it so I can roll around on it.  Or at least a pillow case.  I could mush my face into it.  It’s so soft and it’s just plain gorgeous.

I’ve finished the second part of my experimental purse.  That’s what it is.  Or at least it will be when it grows up.

I knit the body of the purse in the round, intending the stockinette side to be the right side.  Then it happened again . . . I liked the other side better.  The reverse stockinette is pretty and it seems to look better with the seed stitch on the flap.  I think. 

This is how it kind-of-might look after it’s blocked and sewn together. 

That’s the part I’m nervous about.  I don’t love the finishing part of the knitting process.  It intimidates me.  I just need to force myself to do it.  Maybe later today.  Or tomorrow.

I started another project with my other ball of Malabrigo.  This color is Bobby Blue.  It’s the Quinn Cabled Bag from CogKnition.   

Like my old-knee-high yarn bra?  It’s doing a great job of keeping my yarn cake together.

This is going to be a challening project for me.  I’ve knit cables before, but this project has some serious cabling action going on.  Tons of C4Fs, C4Bs, T3Fs, and T3Bs.  Here’s a close-up of my slow progress.

It called for a provisional cast-on, which I’d never done before.  Had to look that one up.  There are a few methods and I tried one that had me laughing at myself.  Couldn’t do it.  So I did a crochet cast-on, crocheting loops right around the needle.  Good stuff. 

So far . . . so good.  Can’t wait to get back to it today.

Last night, I went knitting with friends.  I had no idea I would come home with goodies.

Rmsheffler brought me these adorable stitch markers that she made herself.  Love them. 

I keep thinking I see WTF among those letters, but it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me.

She also brought some goodness from the garden.  Lemon cucumbers!

I’d never seem them before – or even heard of them.  They’re cute.

I tried one as soon as I got home and I swear that they have a lemony flavor to them.  I don’t know if they’re supposed to, but there was, at the very least, a sweetness to them that regular cukes don’t have.  Yum.  They’d be so good in a salad.

Dani.C. also brought some good stuff for me to borrow.  I’d mentioned my amazement at her entrelac project and she remembered.  She brought the book Scarf Style and an issue of Interweave Knits, both of which have great entrelac instructions.  Another project on my list.

Thanks, friends.

I’m going to go roll around in my Malabrigo now.

One Response to “Love Me Some Malabrigo”

  1. yankeel Says:

    So it’s not just me — I thought I saw WTF among those letters too.

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