I Give Up . . .

. . . the scarf.  As much as I’m loving it and as much as I want to keep it, I will give it up for a raffle to benefit the American Cancer Society at Milford’s Relay for Life.  (You can click on the link for info about the Relay.  A few friends mentioned that they’d might like to stop by, so you can find details there.)

I think this scarf is so pretty – I love the pattern.  It was knit in 2 halves from the ends up and joined in the middle.  I could have joined it several different ways and I planned to graft the pieces using the kitchener stitch.  The pina coladas* I’d been drinking immediately prior to the joining left me thinking I wasn’t in the right . . . we’ll say . . . frame of mind to test out my mad kitchna skilz.  Instead, I did a 3-needle bind off.  Used my mad 3B-0 skilz, not requiring much . . . frame of mind.

*Those things are SO deliciously delightful.  Why on Earth have I not been drinking those every single day of my life?  Oh . . . wait . . . I know why.  It’s because I need to function in the real world.  Right.

I did all the weaving in of ends today, with a clear head, and steamed the scarf to block it.  It’s lovely.

The facts:
Check Your Boobage
Pattern:  Classic Elite Yarn Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf
Yarn: TLC Cotton Plus in Lt. Rose (about 1 1/4 skeins)
Needles:  Knit Picks Options US 9 & US 6

Now I’m trying to knit something pretty with my pretty blue Malabrigo.  So far, I’ve done three froggings.  Not pretty.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.  Hopefully, pretty soon.

3 Responses to “I Give Up . . .”

  1. costumechick Says:

    so pretty! you should drink more Pina Coladas, so you can practice kitchnering under the influence.

  2. Sonia Says:

    This scarf is beautiful! It just looks soft and snuggly–lucky raffle winner!

  3. Patty Says:

    Hi there! I’m one of your teammates on the Dish Rag Tag team, and I love
    this scarf! I also drank a few Pina Coladas this weekend with my daughter,
    who is home visiting after taking the Bar Exam to be a lawyer in Chicago 🙂
    (I think she needed the Pina Coladas more than I did!!)
    Looking forward to the DRT race…..

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