Balls, Balls, and More Balls

We had a ball in Cape Cod.  Kind of.  We tried to.  Really.  We did. 

The boy and I headed to the Cape on Saturday morning.  It was an easy drive without a lot of traffic snafus.  We were off to a really good start.  We found our hotel, but it was too early to check in.  We drove around Falmouth for a bit, stopped for some lunch and poked around the shops on the main street and found Sage Fine Gifts & Yarn.  Yarn?  Did someone say yarn?  Someone said yarn.  I was in.   The boy and I walked through the store petting everything.  Beautiful little shop with lots of goodies.  It was vacation, so I treated myself to this.

Malabrigo Merino in Bobby Blue and Jewel Blue.  I know . . . I know . . .  Blue.  What else would I choose?

We headed to our hotel and got settled into our room.  Nice room.  We were only there for one night and then planned to move on to a motel – at a much less expensive rate.  We were staying in this pricey-for-me place because it was directly across the street from the wedding and reception site that I was headed to that evening.  The boy was going to hang out in the hotel room while I went to the wedding with friends.  No driving involved.  Right there if he needed me.  Good deal.

The wedding ceremony was held outside at the Coonamessett Inn.   Such a pretty place and the ceremony was lovely.  (Such a grown up word:  lovely.)  We had a ball at the reception.  It was very informal – no seating arrangement, no specific dinner time – just do your own thing.  Look at the cake:

We ate good food, drank good drinks, and even danced.  (Yes, I danced. Vodka helped.)  Then, as requested by my sister, we took the shoe shot.

Shoe shots started at a wedding that my sisters, my parents, and I went to several years ago.  Kim and I, being silly (there could have been some wine or vodka involved) took pictures of our shoes using Kathy’s camera.  We cracked ourselves up.  Since then, every time we go to a wedding, my sisters and I take shoe shots.  They’re best when they’re the feet of the three sisters, but they’re good when they’re the feet of friends, too.  This photo shows my feet with the feet of my pedicure pals.  Some seriously good looking feet, huh?

The next day, we headed out to begin the vacation part of our Cape Cod trip.  Our motel in West Yarmouth was . . . yuck.  Hated it.  I didn’t expect a palace.  Three nights at this place cost the same as one night in the first hotel.  But it was b-a-d.  The room smelled funny – and it wasn’t a good funny.  Bad funny.  The toilet didn’t flush properly.  When I sat on the bed to knit, leaning up against the headboard, the wall started vibrating wildly as the kids next door probably jumped on their bed.  Yikes.  Bad.  We wanted to go home. 

We made the best of it and did some shopping and site-seeing.  We went to Chatham and Provincetown.  We found a great yarn shop in Dennis – The Ladybuy Knitting Shop.  Woohoo!  Isn’t it cute?

I bought this:

Lobster Pot Yarn in the color Salt Rose.  It’s dyed in a lobster pot and dried in the salty air of the Cape.  Cool.  (Did you notice that it’s not blue?  I know!  I surprised myself.)  I have no idea what I’m going to knit with it, but I’ll find something good.

Let’s get on to some more balls.  Shall we?

I bought this glass ring in Provincetown for $5.  It’s just a glass ball of goodness.  Love it.

Then I bought this toe ring. 

And the torture began.  I wasn’t thinking when I chose this particular style that it would probably spin around on my toe, leaving the . . . um . . . balls in uncomfortable places on my feet.  It spun.  Between my toes.  Under my toe.  Ouch.  It hurt me.  Then I decided that if I was going to be uncomfortable, the boy should be uncomfortable, too.  So I started to say, Ow!  My balls are between my toes.  Ow!  I’m stepping on my balls.  The poor kid.  Tortured him.  It was fun.  I’m such a wonderful mother.

When we very happily came home (2 days earlier than planned – we were done), I got back into the rhythm of being in my house.  TV on, butt on couch, yarn in lap.  Life is good.  I’ve been working on knitting more lip balm holder key rings for the Relay for Life.  Cranking on them.  Not bored with them yet, but I’m sure I’ll be soon.  I want to knit as many as I can before I hit the wall.

Then I had an idea.  I’ve made some stitch markers before, using beads and split rings, but I wanted to try something different.  I have lots of roving that I’ve bought to make some felted soaps, so I decided to use some of it to make some felted bea balls. 


Love them.  I’m having a ball.

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4 Responses to “Balls, Balls, and More Balls”

  1. accountantgrrl Says:

    I like your balls.

    Nice feet, too.

  2. yankeel Says:

    OMG what lovely balls you have!

    But I’m concerned that your balls are often blue…

  3. rmsheffler Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the stitch markers! They’re incredible!

  4. Mad Knitter Says:

    Hiya! You made the move over too!! I’ll have to talk more with you guys about this at SnB. Sorry your vaca was not as wonderful as you’d hoped :(.
    Sounds like the wedding was a blast, though! And your purchases, so beautiful! Nice work on the stitch markers! Very classy!

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