Since Knelley Really Does Knit . . .

I figured I’d show you some knitting today. No tooth talk. (Even though my mouth is still kind of sore and my jaw hurts when I open my mouth wide. I know, I know. Don’t open your mouth wide then.)

Yesterday I went to my sister’s house for a 4th of July/Graduation get-together with my family. While I was there, I knit this little ditty. It’s with Wild Clover Mini Clutch from Webs. It’s exactly the right size to hold a driver’s license and credit card – exactly. The button isn’t really a button. It’s a glass bead that I sewed on loosely to act as my button. It works.

The pattern comes in two sizes, so I’ll probably knit a maxi version next to hold my big girl stuff.

I’ve been meaning to show you my second Anthroplogie-Inspired Capelet-ish cardigan. This one is a six dollar sweater. 3 skeins of Bernat Softee Chunkee that were $1.98 each. I’m using my Leslie Wind sweater pin as the closure. Like it.

Emmie thinks that I’ve knit another fine resting place.

I’m good like that.

I’ve also been working on my black garter stitch version of the Anthropologie. It’s . . . BO-RING. I like it and I know I’ll wear it happily, but the knitting is a big ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz. I need to work on other things to break this one up. I’m determined to finish but . . . yawn.

When I was at my sister Kim’s house yesterday, she tried on her Anthropologie – the one that’s just like my first one. (Yes, I’ll knit a different sweater pattern soon. I feel like I could knit this one blindfolded and upside down while wearing a straight jacket underwater.) She’s happy with it and likes the fit, but I just need to lengthen the sleeves few inches to make her completely love it. I’ll work on that today.

By the way, Kim is the sister who knits and who doesn’t come to Thursday SnB, but really should. I told her yesterday that the SnB girls who were there last Thursday said I need to make her join us, but Kim insisted that I’ve never invited her. Wrong. I asked her to come after I first started going and knew I loved it. She says that didn’t happen. It did. My mother and sister Kathy backed me up.

So . . . . Kim . . .

You are hereby cordially

invited to join a wildly fun

group of knitters at

Stitch’n Bitch

Thursdays 7:00 PM

Panera Bread in NH

Please come.

5 Responses to “Since Knelley Really Does Knit . . .”

  1. WifeMomKnitter Says:

    Everything looks great. Love the Wild Clover Mini Clutch. Cutey cute cute!

    And if Knelley’s sister, Kim, is reading this…..I am one of the SnB girls that would really like you to join us. I was telling Knelley how lucky she is that she has a sister who knits. I have three that have no desire to do so. It’s so lonely. 😦

    Thank God for my SnB friends!!!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Kim….GO…she didn’t invite me. (Not that I can think about knitting until all of my UFOs are done!)
    Love, Kathy

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You’d better go, Kim. Remember the flying monkeys!!!


  4. mad knitter Says:

    Yes, Kim, come! We would love to meet you! And don’t believe any of the nasty things Knelley has told you about us…she lies!

    All of your work is beautiful, Knelley! The clutch, so cute – I really like that glass bead accent. And your sweaters, well, they are so, so pretty.

  5. Penelope Says:

    I had a great time at snb. Thank you for making me feel welcome. I’m really not THAT shy, at least not as shy as I used to be.


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