Anthropologie, The Sequel

My new favorite pattern. Couldn’t wait to make another.

I’m knitting with a blue and white twist in the same yarn I used for the Sunkist Cardi (the one that I just want to be friends with – maybe, as commenter Emily suggested, we’lll just have coffee). I like this yarn so much better on larger size 11 needles (rather than the 10s I used before). I’m going to make this one a longer cardigan, rather than cropped like my first one, with elbow-length sleeves. I also made the two front panels a bit wider so I won’t show so much boobage. (I sure have been saying boobage a lot lately.) It’s so much fun to sit inside in air-conditioned comfort, knitting a sweater while the world melts outside. I should be knitting a bikini. Okay . . . a one-piece.

Yesterday, one of my little darlins’ told me she’d written a song and wanted to sing it to me. In the 95+ degree heat, she belted out her tune with pride:

All right, now.

4 Responses to “Anthropologie, The Sequel”

  1. WifeMomKnitter Says:

    And I bet knowing how good-hearted you are, that you didn’t let on that you’ve heard that song before. 🙂

    The Anthropologie Sequel was just as great as the prequel.

    Stay cool!

  2. acambras Says:

    My favorite part is where, according to the handwritten lyrics, “I don’t feel good — HEY!”

  3. Kathy Says:

    Love the new sweater…but I liked the others too! I think the heat got to your student’s song! Too funny.

  4. mad knitter Says:

    Nice sweater! You are a sweater knitter now! Hooray!

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