Not Feelin’ It

Cardigan, cardigan, how do I dislike thee? Let me count the ways . . .

1. Your sleeve length is just plain wrong. Bunching around my elbows. Not good.

2. Your top front area above my boobage is not laying flat. I know you’re supposed to have a tie front, but if I give you one, I’d have to put the tie up higher than I’d like it, which would make your neck opening smaller, which will make me feel like I’m choking even though I know it’s not that tight because I just have a neck thing. (See? I’m out of breath just thinking about it. I think someone must have tried to strangle me in a previous life.)

3. You make me look . . . um . . . dumpy. You do. Don’t even try to deny it. (Okay, I could possibly be slouching in the picture because I wasn’t feeling the love, but you’d make me look dumpy even if I stood all perky and proud. You would. You know you would.)

You don’t look bad when you’re resting on the couch. Maybe you could just do that? Or maybe I could hang you on the wall. You could be art.

Maybe I can just wear you while I’m blogging, like I am right now. You’re kind of comfortable, except that I’m really feeling you under my arms. And that bunchiness around my elbows . . . Not good.

Maybe we can just be friends.

4 Responses to “Not Feelin’ It”

  1. Emily Says:

    It’s tough, trying to just be friends. Maybe y’all should start with a cup of coffee or something.

  2. BeccaH Says:

    Maybe your sweater and my sweater should get together, they probably have much to discuss about how they are just not working well with us!

  3. mad knitter Says:

    Hey, think about this…maybe the whole point of this journey was for you to knit that capelet that you love! Maybe you are just not getting the point, LOL! It’s a pretty sweater. Don’t look for perfection. You now know that you can make a sweater that fits, that great, isn’t it? Now you can go searching for the perfect Knelley sweater!!!

  4. Erin Says:

    Well, there will be other sweaters in the sea. Or something like that. Sorry this one didn’t work out. Would ripping back the sleeves help?

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