Stick a Fork In It

It’s done! And I love it. Love love love.

My version of the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet. I’m so much happier with the longer sleeves.

I wore it to school today and all my Knitting Club groupies went gaga over it. So sweet. The grown-ups were impressed with it, too. The first big girl sweater that I’ve finished and worn.

While my kids were at their art class, I went into my friend’s classroom to drop something off. She told her class that I’d made my sweater myself, so I started walking like a model on the catwalk, posing and making a fool of myself. The kids got a kick out of it. Then I went to pick up my class. As the little darlings were lining up, one of my knitting girls said to one of the boys, “She knit her sweater, you know.” As he took a closer look, I started to do the posing thing again, vogue-ing like Madonna. I stopped after about five poses, holding the last one. Then the boy said looked back at the girl and said, “That was awkward.” That kid is the king of the nudges, but he is a riot.

Now I’m ready to finish my Sunkist Cardi, and then I think I’ll knit another Anthropologie. I love it.

I’ll leave you with a glimpse into my excellent teaching this year – a few words from one of my girl’s spelling sentences. She spelled all of this week’s spelling words correctly, but also gave me this:

I really thinked that I maked shure that I teached that this year.

5 Responses to “Stick a Fork In It”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Lovely. What color is the next one going to be? Christmas gifts for K and K ?

  2. WifeMomKnitter Says:

    It’s gawgess, Dahling!

    But it looks like you might have created a monster there. You’ll need to make some for mom and the sisters!

  3. mad knitter Says:

    It’s beautiful!!! Nice, nice work. You are a great sweater knitter, hooray! I always knew you were ;).

  4. RecycleCindy Says:

    Your caplet turned out lovely. The colors are so pretty. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind and uplifting message. I am doing well and marching on along the pink roadway.

  5. Penelope Says:

    Love this! Make me one in Peri!
    Love, penel

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