Yes, I’ll admit it. I’m a goober. A goober who got chills when I just tried this on:

It fits! My Sunkist Cardi fits me. It fits my very own body. I’ll be able to actually wear this sweater one day in the not too distant future. (Please don’t say anything about what month we’re in right now and what months are coming next and what the temperatures will likely be. I will wear this even if it makes me pass out.) When I came to the point in knitting where the pattern told me it was time to divide for the sleeves and the body, I got a little nervous. I thought the armholes would be too tight. I hemmed and hawed and sweated a little while I tried to decide what to do. Then I just kept knitting. I thought I’d better give my arms some extra room. Then, I divided. I’m so glad I did. I think it’s perfect. Woohoo! Now I can’t knit fast enough. So I won’t be writing much more in this post. Gotta knit.

Before I leave you, I’ll share a funny from my 3rd grade girls. The Bikini Girls and their friends have now channeled their energy into performing a play of the life of Helen Keller. Their idea! We just read the biography of Helen Keller, as we do every year in 3rd grade, and the kids loved it. This book is the only one that I have to read with the class each year that I actually look forward to and love. I get goosebumps at the end of Chapter 5 and again at the end of Chapter 8 (when Helen reaches some very exciting and important milestones- it’s delightful!). After we finished the book, we watched the remake of the movie, “The Miracle Worker,” with Hallie Kate Eisenberg (from the Pepsi commercials) as Helen.

The girls were so into the book and the movie that they decided to put on a play. They assigned roles, planned costumes, and decided on the scenes they’d perform. The next day, each of the girls came in carrying a bag of their costumes and props. Since then, every day right before recess they run to the girls lav to change into their costumes for their never-ending dress rehearsals. Dresses, hats, books, and even a porcelain-faced doll (whose entire scalp pulled away from her head, leaving a gaping hole that makes the play look more like a Chucky movie.)

Since yesterday was rainy, we stayed indoors for recess. The girls practiced their play, with Helen taking a doll from Annie Sullivan’s suitcase and Annie trying to get Helen to spell D-O-L-L in her hand before she’d let her play with the doll. They practiced the scene where the entire family is in the dining room eating breakfast and Helen goes around the table, sniffing and feeling for her beloved sausages on other people’s plates. This scene became exciting when Annie and Helen get into a big pinch-slap fight over Annie’s sausage. One of my Bikini Girls, playing the part of Annie, said, “Mr. and Mrs. Keller, if you want Helen to learn, you must leave her alone with me. You can’t keeping giving her her way all the time. You’ve spoiled her.”

I just kept biting my lip, trying not to laugh at the unbelievable cuteness I was seeing. I took a few pictures that I so wish I could share with you – but I can’t. I can, however, show you this. I didn’t even read it until after the recess/dress rehearsal was over. Apparently, it’s not a play they’re making. It’s a movie.

Stand behind desk please
injures can happen
Don’t get in front
of camras OR
! Actors!
! oreles !

Whoops. Got a little too caught up in this. Must knit now.

4 Responses to “Chills”

  1. WifeMomKnitter Says:

    Too funny.

    Please come to SnB next week. I missed you!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful knitting, gorgeous color.
    Can’t wait to see the sweater on you.

  3. mad knitter Says:

    Hey! It’s beautiful!!! And it fits, hooray! I’m so impressed. You’ll bring it, yes?

  4. BeccaH Says:

    so nice to finally meet you 🙂 and you’ve been tagged – check out my blog!

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