The Benefits Outweigh The . . .

. . . pain.That’s me. At Knitting Club yesterday. Frazzled. This picture was NOT posed. It’s the real me. My friend snapped it on her cell phone yesterday and I didn’t event know she did until she emailed it to me. The girls were wild. The girls wanted lots of individual help. I wanted some Advil.

For as much pain as I endure, I get tons of benefits. The girls are so proud of themselves and thrilled with every dropped-stitch ridden, mistaken-yarn-overed thing they knit.

Another gift has come my way. Here’s a lovely bracelet:

I also got a bonus:

This was made by the kindergartener-sister of one of my girls! She’s been coming to Knitting Club with her mom, who is one of the two angels who come in to provide me with much-needed support. Last week, this little girl watched a movie on a portable DVD player while we knit, but since this week is Turn Off the TV week, I knew she’d need something to keep herself busy. I bought a Wonder Knitter at Michael’s – a tool for knitting cord, and gave her a quick lesson to show her how to use it. With her mom’s help, she took to it right away. I told her she could take it home with her and she was so happy she hugged me.

This morning she brought me a necklace.

I looked so fancy today in my basic black with a beautiful handmade necklace in my favorite colors! What a sweet gift. This little peanut was so proud of herself and it gave me a serious case of the Warm Fuzzies.

In other news, there’s another baby girl in this world who is wearing a Baby Cuteness Cardigan. More Warm Fuzzies for me. This is the pink cardigan I knit for a friend, who then gave it as a gift for the new baby girl who is the newest addition to a family of boys.

That mom is in the pink now and I’m happy to have been a distant part of bringing some girlie delight into her life.

Some schoolwork cuteness:

This is the spelling homework of a delightful girl (who is also one of the knitters). This kid is so funny without even trying. Check out sentence #2, showcasing the word wrapping:

Exactly as written: “There’s a word that sounds like wrapping, rapping and it’s what the people do with there boxers showing.”

Love that kid.

(You might also note sentence #1 for the word stopped. She just got back from an island vacation. Don’tbe alarmed. I’m sure they were virgin pina coladas. I know her mother.)

In belated honor of Earth Day yesterday, I bought reusable grocery bags at Trader Joe’s today.

Emmie approves.

But now she’s wondering what Mommy is going to use when she cleans the litter box.

3 Responses to “The Benefits Outweigh The . . .”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Gee, those pina coladas really do keep you rapping with your boxers showing. I ought to quit too.

  2. Jennu Says:

    I’m right there with you abut the plastic bags–I use mine to line the garbage can in the kitchen. But even though I take my tote bags to the supermarket with me, if I go to the store on my way home (I commute by public transportation) and don’t have a bag with me, then I get a plastic bag. I haven’t run out yet, but I have had to cut down on using the plastic bags for other things (holding my lunch, gym clothes, sneakers) to save the bags for the garbage.

    You could always see if you know anyone without pets who have more plastic bags than they can use. Maybe even set up a program at the school–you’d only need a big box where people can leave or take bags as needed.

  3. Emily Says:

    Amen about the plastic bags! I still have all my cloth ones from when we were a one dog no cat household in Atlanta, but I stopped using them when we acquired six cats.

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