A One Act Play

Sister is on the left. Brother is on the right.

Sister: What’s wrong, Brother?
Brother: You know what’s wrong, Sister.
Sister: No, really, I don’t. What’s bothering you?
Brother: Just leave me alone and let me sulk in silence.
Sister: Geez. Come on. Just tell me.
Brother: The sweater I’m wearing . . . It’s yours.
Sister: What?
Brother: I said it’s yours.
Sister: What are you talking about?
Brother: You’re wearing my sweater. The boy sweater. Blue, green, yellow. Get it?
Sister: I think this sweater looks lovely on me. The colors are beautiful.
Brother: But the one I’m wearing has the purple and . . . gag . . . pink in it. It’s supposed to be for you.
Sister: Oh. Right. But still – I look great! You need to be more secure in your baby boyhood.
Brother: Bite me.

7 Responses to “A One Act Play”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Beautiful bables !!! Love the masks, and oh yeah, love the sweaters, too!!! Nice job,

    XST Lady

  2. acambras Says:

    OMG, you crack me UP!

    That is all.

  3. WifeMomKnitter Says:

    You are too funny.

  4. jennsquared Says:

    That’s too funny! But I love the cuteness sweaters – you did an awesome job on them!

  5. mad knitter Says:

    HI-LAR-I-OUS!!! Cute, cute sweaters, too!

  6. Kathy Says:

    RIOT! Like the masks better than the napkin to protect the innocent! Love the sweaters!!!

  7. Sheila Says:

    LOL – what can I say?

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