Wee Tiny

Can you stand it? A wee tiny sock.

I just joined my first swap – an easy one. All I have to do is knit one wee tiny sock, mail it off to a swap pal, and wait for another wee tiny sock to show up in my mailbox. So simple. My kind of swap. As you might expect, it’s called the Wee Tiny Sock Swap 2008. Sign-ups close on March 27th. Pal info will be sent the following day. Knit a wee tiny and mail it off on Monday, March 21st. Short and sweet.

I won’t be swapping this first wee tiny. It’s less than perfect, and even if it was perfect, I wouldn’t be able to part with my first one. I’ve started a second and I’m playing around with it to see how I’ll like it best. It’s a fun knit – all the sock satisfaction I could want in less than a sixteenth of the time.

I finally finished the second Baby Cuteness Cardigan for the twin Baby Angel Babies. The sweaters will be off to their new home tomorrow. The babies will need some time to grow into them, but the Cutenesses will be patient.

I’ll leave you with Emmie, trying to figure out how to make the printer go back and forth and make that fun noise again.

It’s hard to make her out, but her entire head is inside the opening of the printer. Such a dork.

3 Responses to “Wee Tiny”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sock is cute, sweaters adorable, and Emmie is a nut!!!

    Not Afgan Lady

  2. BeccaH Says:

    Those sweaters are precious – and don’t you just love love love wee socks?!

  3. Lick My Sticks Says:

    No…I can’t stand it. So cute!

    My cat does that with the printer and the fax machine. It’s hilarious.

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