First Born Monkey

I just finished the first re-done no-purl Monkey. My pictures are not the greatest – tried some with flash, some without. None of the shots seem to show the true colors of the yarn. Enjoy, please, the toe with its wobbly kitchenering. Kitchna, baby!

This last picture is not one I would have been able to take by myself (unless I removed my left leg and I’m unable to do that at this time). The foot was originally upside-down in the photo and I flipped it. I think the sock pattern looks pretty cool, even without the purls.

Now I’m going to immediately cast on for the twin.

In a little while.


Maybe tomorrow.


3 Responses to “First Born Monkey”

  1. acambras Says:

    You gots some Mad Kitchna Skillz, yo.

  2. Erin Says:

    So is this a reincarnated monkey? It’s very cute. Now don’t let this one stay lonely!!

  3. Sunflowerfairy Says:

    Cute monkey!!

    I’m dying to make these, but then I remember how much I *hate* knitting socks.

    Pretty, pretty.

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