Monkey Business Revisited

After looking at my lone no-purl Monkey perched on a beer bottle and resting on a shelf of my yarn wall, I decided that today was the day to start its long awaited twin. I cast on and began to knit magic loop style and I’m all excited about knitting this sock again.

As I knit, I kept comparing the slowly forming twin to its sibling and saw a difference I didn’t like. Hmmm. I tried the first born sock on. As I suspected. It was loose. The K2P2 rib at the cuff looked to be already stretched out before I tried it on and feeling it around my ankle confirmed that it was too loose. I’d knit the first sock a while back on dpns and was less than masterful as I knit the ribbing. I remember fumbling with the dpns while getting the sock started – always have trouble getting things going on dpns. Once I have an inch done, I’m good, but that first inch is iffy. I’m much better with magic loop. So I did this:

I frogged the monkey. What fun! I turned that crank on my ball winder like a mad woman and watched that sock unknit itself. I threw my head back and cackled, and . . . No I didn’t. I’m not that nuts. I giggled silently – inside my own head. No one watching me would have guessed how delighted I was watching that yarn go back into a ball. There was no pain in frogging. I figured that if I’m going to knit a new one after all this time, I might as well knit two. I’m up for it.

And in case you’re wondering, Emmie is still being a good momma to her baby.


3 Responses to “Monkey Business Revisited”

  1. Erin Says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better! But now I’m sick. ugh. I’m happy you started on the monkeys again, even though one was more of a frog. I had never thought to frog directly onto a ball winder. That’s genius, and so much better than my usual method, which involves unraveling by hand and lots of swearing. 🙂

  2. jennsquared Says:

    Nice! Maybe I’ll start that monkey with you tomorrow! Oh wait… I need to finish my shawl, or the Schaefer project… Oh Man!

  3. WifeMomKnitter Says:

    I have to second Erin….I somehow ended up with a cold! I am so proud that you were brave enough to frog the Monkey (and start the second sock!)

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