Ur Not Funny


Now my mom wants 2 sho u sumthin she is makin wit dat string i likes 2 chase.

My knitting A.D.H.D. continues. Yesterday, I started my new Satchel Grande using Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick.

I love the color – Sky Blue. So far, this knit is moving along pretty quickly. Despite the fact that I hate hate hate seed stitch, this super-thick rope of a yarn lets me make fast progress on US 11 needles. My gauge is a little off (what else is new?), so the bag will be an inch wider than it’s supposed to be, but that can’t be a bad thing.

Tomorrow, I’ll be back with my 2007 Knitting Accomplishments in Review, along with my 2008 Knitting Resolutions, a la my friend Yankee Lagniappe.

Emmie says:

My mom shood makes rezolooshun to nit a noo kitty carrier cuz dis iz not wurkin fur me.

2 Responses to “Ur Not Funny”

  1. JennM Says:

    You crack me up!!!!

    So what kind of LOLCat is Emmie?

    Love that Satchel pattern. The Lion Brand website always has some great patterns!

  2. jennsquared Says:

    That’s too funny!

    Can’t wait to see your creation!

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