I Must Have Been A Very Good Girl

Hope you don’t mind if I share a few of the knittingish Christmas gifts I received. My mom knit me a beautiful turquoise throw. (She also made one for my son and each of my nieces. She’s got to get busy knitting a few more!) And who gets mittens to match their throw? So much fun! (Both of my sisters got these mittens, too. Is our mother still trying to dress us alike?) My sisters and I also got 5 new cross-stitched Christmas ornaments to add to our collections. I snuck mine onto my little tree while Emmie wasn’t looking.

Lookie, lookie! I’m the proud owner of a set of Knitpicks Options nickel-plated needles, some Harmony wood tips in the large needles sizes, and an assortment of accessories. Woohoo! I also have a new ball winder and swift, and the 2008 Stitch ‘n Bitch Knitter’s Calendar.

When we came home from Christmas Eve at my sister’s house, I set up the ball winder and swift before I even took my coat off. Couldn’t wait to make yarn cakes.

And another cool gift . . . this sweater from my sister. I opened the box and thought, This is pretty. Black with purple trim. Cute!

And then I pulled it out of the box and got a good look.

Love it!

It’s been a very merry and very knitterly Christmas for me. I had a wonderful time with my family with lots of laughs, gifts, and food. More tomorrow. My new needles are calling me. I can tell already that they’re going to demand a lot of attention.

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday!

3 Responses to “I Must Have Been A Very Good Girl”

  1. costumechick Says:

    Yarn cake is the best kind of cake!

    Glad you had a cood Holiday!

  2. mad knitter Says:

    Hey! Your take at Christmas was amazing!!! Excellent! I also loved your post in the last few days about your kids :). The story about that hand-woven gift from that girl was especially sweet.

    I’m glad you had a great holiday!!! Can’t wait to see you next week! I’m really sad I won’t get to go tomorrow :(.

  3. JennM Says:

    You got some lovely gifts. I’ll have to ask for a swift and winder next year!

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