A Knitting Meme

Tagged for a meme by Wife, “Mom”, Knitter and CostumeChick. Here’s some knittingness about me:

1. What are your favorite things to knit?
Baby things. I like small projects that go quickly and baby sweaters, hats, bibs and booties are so freakin’ cute. I’m also loving socks lately. I wore my Thujas last week and I felt so smart all day. It’s true. Wearing handknit socks that you’ve knit yourself boosts your IQ.

2. What yarn/fiber do you like most?
I’m the furthest thing from a yarn snob, so I’ll use anything. Lately, I’m loving Karaoke (wo0l and soysilk fibers). I also love merino wool, cotton, and Soxx Appeal sock yarn.

3. What needles do you tend to use (i.e. type/material)?
I use a little bit of everything. I like circulars, and I have metal, plastic, and bamboo. Love bamboo. I use straights sometimes, but really don’t like knitting with them that much anymore. They always seem to get stuck up my sleeves. I’ll knit with dpns sometimes and I have 22 size 2 dpns in a mix of metal and bamboo. I guess you just never know when you’ll need them. (No, I’m not a lunatic. I’ve been the recipient of needle collections from 3 people who don’t knit anymore. Well, one of them has started knitting again, so I’m just waiting for the Indian-giver business to begin.) I’ve put Knitpicks options metal needles on my birthday/Christmas list, as well as a few Harmony tips for them. I . . . um . . . happen to know that I’ll be getting them, since I was on the phone with my mom guiding her through the Knitpicks website as she ordered. I can’t wait!

4. Do you tend to knit more in one specific part of the year than others?
I knit all the time. All the time.

5. What style of knitting do you use?
I’m a thrower (English style). I’d love to knit continental style, but it’s awkward for me. I think you stick with the style in which you were taught. Mommy taught me to throw. It works for me.

6. Do you consider yourself a “fast” knitter?
Nope. I’m not slow, but I’m not fast. I can get a little speed up when I’m just knitting garter stitch, but beyond that, I can only call myself steady.

7. Who is your favorite knitting author(s)?
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is probably my favorite. I really enjoy her books and her blog. I get a kick out of her.

8. What is your favorite by said author(s)?
Knitting Rules is a goodie. This is the book that got me through my first pair of socks. At Knit’s End is fun. Makes me laugh.

9. How long ago did you learn to knit?
Maybe about 6ish years ago. My mother taught me and I’ve been hooked ever since. She thinks I have a problem, but it’s a good problem to have.

10. How do you knit small in-the-round objects? (i.e. double points, 2 circulars, or the magic loop)
I just learned magic loop and I’m hooked on it. It’s much less fidgety for me than dpns. I feel like there’s less of a chance for me to mess up.

11. What is the most useful technique you’ve learned so far?
Spit splicing. CostumeChick taught me one night at SnB and I couldn’t wait to have an opportunity to use it. I tried it when starting a new skein on my Candle Flame Shawl and it works like a charm. No ends to weave in. I know how gross the spitting things seems, especially since we saw the spit-marking lady on Project Runway, but it works for splicing.

12. Do you prefer to knit fine gauge items, mid-range gauge items, or large gauge items, or do you like it all?
Mid-range gauge, I guess. I like large gauge things, too, since they go so fast and I’m so impatient. I’m slowly working my way toward more small gauge projects. Size 2 needles are as small as I’ve gone.

13. How do you like to knit your sweaters?
In one piece. I’ve really only knit baby sweaters and I like patterns with minimal seaming. I guess that I’d be a top-down knitter for big girl sweaters.

14.) Who do wish to tag?
Anyone from SnB who’s left!

2 Responses to “A Knitting Meme”

  1. JennM Says:

    Thank you, girlfriend, for responding! I saw it in a Knittinghelp forum and could not resist.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not an indian-giver. I’m just contributing to your adiction!!!!

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