Creative Censorship

I dragged myself to school this morning, forcing myself to show up for the first of 2 1/2 more days before the Thanksgiving break. (Okay, okay, you normal job people – I know your hearts just bleed for us teachers. Hey, YOU try spending 6 1/2 hours a day with 19 kids calling your name at the same time, disappearing to the lav for 20 minutes instead of doing their work, passing notes about saying “Will you be my girlfriend? Yes No (circle one)”, whining “My knee hurts from when I fell last Thursday. Can I go get an icepack?”, calling out, “I’m done! What do I do now?”, making armies of eraser people (!) on their desks, stealing each other’s skinny markers, asking “Is it lunch time yet?” and yes, even sometimes calling me Grandma. Really. Do that and then decide if I deserve my Thanksgiving break. Thank you very much.)

I feel better now.

Anyway, I was at my desk getting myself geared up for the arrival of my little Honeybees (Yes, that’s what I call them – each year my class gets a new name. I’ve had Lovebugs, Guys and Dolls, Angel Babies . . . I’m just a big mushball.) when Mr. S., one of our few male teachers, came in and asked for chalk. I pointed him in the right direction, and he took a piece and headed toward the exit door. Curious, I followed him.

“What are you doing?” I asked of the man who one year encouraged a first grade class to save ALL of their pencil sharpening shavings for months to try to fill this giant contraption he made. This is the same man who built a sailing vessel out of styrofoam lunch trays and proved it was seaworthy by launching it at Gulf Beach during a downpour.

Mr. S. answered, “Somebody did some graffiti on the outside of the building and I’m going to make it more appropriate for the season.”

On the bricks of the building right outside my classroom was a big, white 4-letter word. It’s the same word that can be used to identify a male chicken. First graders would be lining up next to that wall in less than 15 minutes.

Mr. S. used the chalk to change the letter C into an O and added the word “Turkey.” Then, he altered the graphic stick figure by adding a chef’s hat and putting a stove in front of him. Voila!

The picture isn’t the greatest – had to use my cellphone camera, but boy, oh boy, was I glad I took it! COOK Turkey, people!

2 Responses to “Creative Censorship”

  1. jennsquared Says:

    I can never, NEVER, be school teacher. I think I’ll be in jail before Thanksgiving!!!

    That is pretty creative for that teacher! COOK Turkey!

  2. JennM Says:

    After reading all you have to endure, you DO deserve a break, Grandma! He He He! (BTW, you are WAY too young looking to be a grsndma).

    Cook Turkey!!

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