I Can See Clearly Now

Woohoo! Making progress on the BSJ. I just started the neck shaping and I’ve finally figured out where I am! I can start to test out the folding to get an idea of what this baby is going to look like.

Don’t be fooled by my confident attitude and my calm demeanor. I haven’t reached this point without some sweating, some heart-pounding, and lots and lots of ripping.

Yesterday, I was knitting happily along, thinking I was following the instructions to the letter. To me, M1 = Make One = lift the yarn between the stitch on the left needle and the stitch on the right needle, place it onto the left needle and knit into it. Simple. I did this whenever I was told to M1.

Boy, did I have some big holes. Big ones. My big holes didn’t look very nice. I did a search through many, many pics of finished BSJs and not one seemed to have big holes like mine. Rats.

Then I noticed a little drawing in the bottom right corner of the BSJ pattern. It showed “M1, K1, M1” below the drawing and the M1 was made with a backward loop cast-on stitch. Rats again.

On the next row, I tried this version of the M1 and it didn’t make such a big hole. It made a cute, little, reasonable hole. Rats, rats.

I carefully inserted a smaller circular needle way back into row 45, well before I started increasing and into one of the only rows where I knew I’d done straight knitting without any wacky business. Then, I ripped and ripped and ripped some more.

You know I was successful, because you didn’t see a story about a crazed, vengeful Connecticut knitter on the evening news. What I would have done with those circulars!

Now I’m knitting along happily and things are going my way . . . for now.

But don’t watch the news for the next few days. Just in case.

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