Goldilocks Knitting

My Stitch’n Bitch friends gave a name to my latest knitting issue: Goldilocks Knitting.

It started after I frogged the Monkey (stop laughing, Anne). I started a new sock, a modified Monkey (modify the Monkey) with new, solid yarn and no, I said NO, purls. I tried a pretty picot edge a la January One . Thought I had the gauge thing down. Started knitting.

Uh oh. This sock is TOO BIG.

Frogged again. Figured out how many stitches I needed. Re-modified the Monkey pattern to fit the reduced number of stitches. Knit.

Ooh. This is pretty.

I knit the picot-edged cuff and 2 of the 11 row pattern repeats.

Uh oh. This sock is TOO SMALL.

But it is pretty!Pretty while it lasted. Frogged it.

I have now cast on what I hope is a JUST RIGHT number of stitches. I have re-remodified the Monkey. I’m back to the simple K2P2 rib cuff (even though I didn’t want to purl). I’ll show you something tomorrow. Keep your needles crossed!

2 Responses to “Goldilocks Knitting”

  1. acambras Says:

    Ha ha! When you tell me to to stop laughing, it makes me laugh. 😉

    Strangely enough, “frog the monkey” is not on my to do list for this weekend.


  2. costumechick Says:

    Hehe. Frog the monkey.
    If this time doesn’t work out, I have a suggestion. DO a provisional cast on, knit the socks, then come back and do the cuff. I did this for my one picot edge sock – just like yours – and it worked great. After I took out the provisional cast on, I knit one row plain, then I did a few increases – I think about 10% – it might have been less. Then I started the cuff. The increases helped w/ the lack of stretch you can get from that type of cuff, and it fit great. You do have to sew down the edge instead of doing the K2tog thing, but it’s only 70ish stitches!

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