It Worked!

I worked all of the decreases and I’m back to the original number of stitches that I casted on.

I wonder if I can get this done tonight. Um, it’s 12:47 AM. Not likely. Well . . . maybe.

2 Responses to “It Worked!”

  1. Sheila Says:

    I did look at your sock in the afternoon today and then came back tonight. It looks very nice and I like the colors. I did my first sock with Lion Brand Magic Stripes . . . the same sock 4 times. But I learned how to knit a sock that way. I frogged that sock and never made the second one, but I’ve gone on to knit many more socks since, and each time, I seem to learn more. Usually I stick with a rather plain sock, especially if it is striped. And I am now using solid yarns for knitted patterning. I do have varigated yarns and socks, but they have sort of lost their appeal since they make no stripes, and the pattern gets lost in the variety of colors. Anyway, once you get going, be aware, you can get hooked on socks. If I knit something else, I cannot wait to get back to knitting socks. And I’ve avoided second sock syndrome too.

  2. Kelly Says:

    So, did you finish it that night??? You are too funny! A bit sock-obsessed already, are we??? LOL Your sock looks just lovely, you must be very proud!!! And who cares if you use a little help from I used it just last night cause I ran into short rows before I ran into you! We use all the help at our disposal!! Nice work :).

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