Knitting A.D.D.

No doctor necessary. I can diagnose myself. Can’t stick with one project for any length of time – short attention span. Constantly thinking about other projects I want to knit. Bookmarking websites, buying knitting books, ordering patterns. Mitered square blanket, tie-front cardigan, some booties to finish, a hat to make, the EZ Baby Surprise Jacket, and that other Mitered U sweater . . . and tons of other things I’m itching to try. Then, out of the blue, I want to knit socks. Not the socks I started a while back, but new ones. And I have to start them today.

It’s all because of the Yarn Harlot. She’s coming to CT in a few weeks and I can not show up for her talk and book signing without my first real sock. It would be disrespectful, right? This sock, of course, must be knit according to the Harlot’s sock recipe. I headed to the store to buy size 2 bamboo DPNs (yes, Mom, I had a coupon) because I’d go nuts trying to prevent my stitches from slipping off of my metal needles. I also bought Lion Brand Magic strips yarn in Bright Spring. The only sock yarn I have isn’t self-patterning and I knew I’d need to be entertained by watching a pattern develop in order to get myself to finish the socks.

So here’s my progress:

I know I’ve shown a similar picture before, but my heart just wasn’t in that one. I’m all excited about the idea of seeing Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and I know she wants me to knit these socks. Better get back to it.

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