I’m horrified. Horrified. Take a look at the picture on last night’s post – the one with all six of my future mitered squares set out on the floor. Yup – that one down there. Isn’t it beautiful? Don’t the miters look neat and CLEAN? They do.

Shortly after taking that picture, I sat down at the computer to work on my blog. I left the squares on the floor so that I could admire them from a distance and imagine what my blanket would look like some day. I wouldn’t normally leave them out like that because I’d be worried about what Emmie would do to them. She jumped on them the other night and I was afraid she’d claw them and snag them. Last night, she was busy chasing a bug – a fly – that had gotten in. It kept her occupied for hours, so I was pretty sure she’d ignore the squares.

As I was finishing my latest post, I heard her using her litter box in the other room. You know, I heard her digging in litter after she was done. A few minutes later, Emmie walked into the living room and toward the squares. Before I could do anything, she stepped onto the squares, lowered herself down, and . . . did a BOOT SCOOT on one of the squares. She wiped her butt on my beautiful squares!

I couldn’t move. From where I sat, I could see a spot. A spot. It was on a yellow stripe of one of the blue and yellow miters. My son came down the stairs and I made him look closely at it. “It’s poop,” he said. I think he was smirking as he said it, but I’m not positive.

I thought back to what Val said at the S’nB the other night. I had a cotton fabric and I should use a gentle soap first with cold water. I used the handsoap from the bathroom and cold water. The spot came right out. Thank goodness. But wait. Yuck. The yuck remains. I don’t think I can get over the yuck. The miter looks clean. It smells clean. It is clean. But I know what was there. Yuck.

Just to give you a peek at Emmie’s bad girl ways, here are some pictures from the bread incident. The other day, she took the bag of bread off the kitchen counter, pulled in onto the floor, opened it and licked the bread. She didn’t eat – just licked.

Bad Emmie.

One Response to “YUCK!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Ugh, your cat is such a tornado!!! I’m sorry about the miter, and the bread, and the yucky feeling you have. I can certainly imagine myself feeling the same way. Darn cats!

    Well, whatever you do, you will eventually have that beautiful blanket!

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