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Back on Track

June 25, 2007

See what I can do with a little time? I finished knitting – and finished-finished (and I hate finishing) the yellow MDK baby kimono I started a while back. Cuteness.
This time, I finished it with ties made of crochet chains. I like them. This is going to baby Tessa. Love knitting for babies!

Now I’m recharged to knit. Heading back to my miters now. Itchy fingers.

I’m Still Here

June 24, 2007

Haven’t been posting for a while. Ending the school year takes up a whole lot of time – and takes all the time away from the knitting. Now that I’m officially on VACATION, I’m looking forward to lots of knitting time. Mitered square blanket, baby kimono, tie-front cardigan . . . and I’m sure I’ll start something else – or somethingS.

M. graduated from 8th grade – cap and gown and the whole shebang. My little boy is growing up fast. High school in September. Can’t even imagine it. I remember my high school days . . . let’s not even talk about it. Seemed like such a big deal at the time, but looking back – well, not so much. Just want my boy to be happy and successful. That’s all. And in that order.

Back soon with knitting. Really.