Time to Catch Up

It’s been a busy few weeks and there’s been some knitting going on. I haven’t been spending as much time as I would have liked on my miters for my mitered square blanket. There are babies being born and more babies on the way, so I’ve been focusing on baby stuff.

Here’s the Petal Bib from Oneskein, by Leigh Radford. I made one without remembering to hide the wraps in the short rows, but figured it out from the second one. It’s so sweet. Sugar’n Cream yarn in Cornflower Blue. I can’t wait to see it on a baby. I’m pretty sure it’s going to go home to Tessa, my friend Erin’s brand new baby girl.
This is the baby kimono from the pattern in Mason-Dixon Knitting. It still needs the ribbon ties, but I couldn’t wait to take a picture of it. Instead of using the Sugar’n Cream yarn I’d planned to use, I made it with this:
It’s Berroco’s new Love it yarn. I bought it at a LYS that I visited for the first time a few weeks ago. It’s mostly cotton, with some acrylic and polyester. It has an elastic, stretchy feel to it and it’s so soft. I had to have it. The baby kimono came out so nicely. I’ve started a second kimono with the Sugar’n Cream and I’m not loving it as much. I really want to get more of the Love it.

I’ll be back in a little bit with more . . .

One Response to “Time to Catch Up”

  1. Marianne Says:

    The petal bib is precious! I love that pattern.

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