Here are some of the latest miters – unblocked:

Thanks for asking, Sheila. You gave me a push to get the picture up here. As soon as I finish my second baby kimono, I’ll spend my knitting time alternating between the miters and this:
It’s the tie-front cardigan from Knitting Beyond Scarves by Melissa Leapman. I’m finally getting brave enough to knit a sweater that will fit me. I crocheted a sweater once, and it ended up with elephant trunk sleeves. Such a shame. This time, I’m trying to do everything right. I bought the exact yarn called for in the pattern (Plymouth Yarn Baby Alpaca Brush – Color 1710 a pretty, deep blue) and I even knit a gauge swatch. Imagine that. It’s hard for me to force myself to swatch. I just want to get to the knitting project. I think, think, that my gauge is correct. I hope I’m not lying to myself. I want this sweater to fit me.
Here’s a picture of the project a little closer up.

I love it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll continue to love as I knit. I find myself very tense as I knit it. That must be because I so want it to come out right and fit me. I usually knit things where gauge is not super-important and size doesn’t matter or the intended wearer can grow into it. I’m going to think positively, take a deep breath – or several – and keep knitting.

One Response to “M-M-Miters”

  1. Sheila Says:

    Cute sweater and it will look great in the blue too. I was glad to see your miters are coming along again. I’m off work for a few days so more miters will result. They are so quick and rewarding. Keep posting!

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