Sigh . . .

I think my knitting is distracting me. Maybe I don’t think clearly when I’m just wanting to get stuff done so that I can get back to the needles. Right now, I just want to work on my 3rd miter block for my mitered square blanket so I won’t let my thoughts linger on the Disney Trip I planned.

I linger. I’d been thinking about taking my son to Disneyworld in Florida this summer. We went 2 years ago and we loved every minute of it. Last summer, we couldn’t take a big vacation because I was still going through my cancer treatments, and my energy level was still crap. This summer, I’m free (!) and my son deserves a great trip after being such a trooper through all my ups and downs. I started to do a little flight and hotel research and was saddened to see that the cost of this trip would be nearly double the cost in 2005. I put it off. I waited. For what? Prices to go down?

Last week, my man friend, a seasoned traveler and expert flight-bargain hunter, taunted me with the promise of the cheap flights that he knew he could find for me. With my knitting in my lap, and dueling laptops, we talked on the phone and searched for flights together. Eureka! Cheap flights were found when he advised me to “straddle the weekend.” (I never thought I was that limber.) I pulled the credit card out of my wallet when we found my bargain. Leave Thursday AM, June 21st, return Monday PM, June 25th. A nice, long straddled weekend. Only a few dollars more than I paid 2 years ago. Click, click, confirmed. Done. To the Disney website. Click, click, confirmed. Woohoo! We’re going to Disney. Much excitement. Hang up phone. Knit. Knit. Knit.

Yesterday . . . a thought. A question popped up in my mind. Hmmm . . . When is the last day of school? Hmmm. Check the school district website. Oh, it’s June 21st? Really? Are we sure? Let’s call some teacher friends to check out what must surely be false information. Really? Crap. Crap, crap, crap. $190 more to change the flight ($25 fee per person to change flights on their website, which saved $5 per person if I had called and spoken to a live person to discuss the fact that i’m an idiot.) plus the $140 difference in the cost of flights to go one week later. Crap. But, if I look at the stay-on-my-mother’s-good-list side, I will now be home for my cousin’s wedding on June 23rd, which I also hadn’t thought of when I booked the trip. You live . . . you pay $190 . . . you learn.

Just let me knit.

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