There something about a . . .

. . . dishcloth hanging over the faucet. Kind of a nostalgic feeling, like Grammie or Mommy had just washed the Sunday dinner dishes. Not that I really have any memories of either of them using a dishcloth, let alone a handknit one, but it just feels really special. I’m hooked on washing dishes with this cloth. It’s my first dishcloth ever, a basketweave pattern in Sugar’n Cream cotton. Never really planned on using it, until I made the MDK ballband dishcloth that I’m still trying to make my sister use. Figured I’d better practice what I preach.

It’s fun to wash dishes with this. I like washing dishes now. I’m probably one of the few people in the world who has a perfectly good dishwasher in the kitchen and has never used it. It’s not that I don’t think it will do a good job, it’s just a little fear I have. Will the dishes crash against each other because I don’t know how to load it? Will soap bubbles come oozing out? Not ready to try it. Happy, though, to use my dishcloth.

After having my frothee coffee, I settled in to knit on this ugly, rainy day. It’s a day when no one goes out if they don’t really have to. No intention of even getting dressed. Spending another day relaxing with the knitting. I’m finishing Mom’s MDK dishcloth and had a little idea. What if I did the ballband dishcloth pattern stockinette stitch? Would that be cool. I started a little swatch of it, using only a variegated yarn instead of 2 different yarns.
Here’s what it looks like. It’s okay. Curls up a little because of the slipped stitches and nothing to push forward from the back. But it’s okay. Just okay. Kind of pretty. Not great. If it was great, then Ann and Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting would have thought of it. I should just stick to the patterns as I find them.

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