Here’s the Latest

This is the 2nd in what will surely be a long line of Mason-Dixon ballband dishcloths. This one, however, is going to live its life as a washcloth. I’m going to give it to a friend along with a good-smelling shower gel. She’s recuperating from surgery and can use a pick-me-up.

I’ve been reading a lot of knitting blogs and I love the “Six Weird Things” that knitters have shared about themselves. Right away, I thought of at least 6 weird things about myself. I’m sure you’ll see them listed here soon. There is a big problem for me, though. All of this blog-reading is really cutting into my knitting time. I can knit a few stitches while I read, but then I have to stop and move the mouse, and click. It’s a constant battle. I’m going to force myself to get away from the laptop now and start a new dishcloth. My mom and my sister Kim are waiting for theirs. Happy knitting!

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