The Monet Bag

This is the bag that I wrote about in a previous post. It was knit with grab-bag wool that I bought at a craft show. The colors were beautiful – greens and pinks mixed with a little blue and yellow. I knit with 2 strand held together throughout and the colors blended in such a cool way. The greens and blues are mainly at the bottom of the bag, with the pinks and lighter shades at the top. It looks like one of Monet’s gardens. I felted it just enough for it to tighten into a fabric, but left the knit stitches visible. My sister Kim loves this bag and she uses it all the time. I took the picture of it today at our Easter dinner.

My sister Kathy liked the blue/purple Mason Dixon dishcloth, but I could tell she was reluctant to use it. I told her that I wouldn’t leave her house until she got it wet. Must. Use. The. Handknits. She finally soaked it and squeezed it out, and it still looks great. I’ll bet she’ll never wash a dish with it, but she’ll keep it around the kitchen. I’m already working on my next one – solid yellow with pink, orange, and yellow ombre Sugar’n Cream. Pretty.

2 Responses to “The Monet Bag”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Wow you are quite the bagaholic! They all look really great! Good job!

  2. KnelleyBelley Says:

    Thanks, Lisa! I have made more bags than I can use, but I’m sure I’ll make more. They’re addictive!

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