Let the Show and Tell Begin

This is the first big felted bag I ever made. I had a lot of time on my hands in early 2006 because I had taken most of the school year off while I was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Knitting was a great way to fill my time, relax me, and make me feel somewhat productive while I was feeling really zonked out. I took a class at an LYS called Country Yarns in Wallingford, CT specifically to learn to make this bag. They call it the Felted Fan Tote. I don’t remember exactly which yarns I used, but I think it was a strand of Cascade 220 and a strand of Lopi (?) held together throughout. I learned to do short rows and to join the front and back together with an i-cord trip that went on to form the handle. I paid a talented knitter/seamstress to line it for me. It has a pretty fabric lining with a zipper pocket.

I was so proud of what was a major project for me. I used the bag every day for a long time! Making this bag really helped me get over my fear of tackling challenging projects. I started picking up patterns for things that I didn’t think I’d ever be able to handle, and I’ve done just fine. If I can get through chemotherapy, I can get through anything.

This is the 2nd major felted bag I made. It’s the B-4 Bag – Bobbles! Beads! Bumps! Buttons! (Mine doesn’t have buttons . . . yet.) It’s made with a strand of Cascade 220 and a strand of Nashua Wooly Stripes held together. I loved knitting in the clear pony beads and the bobbles were really fun to make. It’s so nerve-wracking to throw a bag I’ve worked so hard on into the washing machine, but it felted beautifully. (B-4 Bag is designed by Trish Bloom http://bloominknitiot.blogspot.com ) It lead me in to knitting the next bag pictured . . .

I spent a lot of time and used a lot of yarn (Patons Classic Merino Wool) making this huge tote bag. I followed the idea of the B-4 Bag pattern, but made some changes and made it larger. I went so overboard on this one. There are way too many beads and the bag is so heavy, even when it’s empty. I still kind of like it, but I don’t really use it. You knit . . . you learn.

During the summer of 2006, my sister Kim and I decided that we both wanted to make the Noni Bobble Bag. We bought tons of colors of Cascade 220 for the bobbles and shared the yarn. We saved some money by using black Patons Classic Merino Wool for the body of the bag. We bobbled, bobbled, and bobbled some more. The bags and bobbles were felted separately and bobbles were sewn on after. I love this bag! When we first got our kitten, Emmie, she used to get inside the bag all the time. Since she’s black, she blended right in.

That’s all for the show and tell for today. Time to start that next dishcloth . . .

2 Responses to “Let the Show and Tell Begin”

  1. Mary Says:

    I love your Noni bag! And so cute about your kitten sleeping in it.

  2. KnelleyBelley Says:

    Thanks, Mary! I want to make another Noni bag soon. The designs are amazing! I love that my cat likes to get inside the bags. I wish I could carry her around in it and take her everywhere I go.

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