It’s My Kind of Day

This is the kind of day I love. No school for me today. I love school holidays. Teachers like days off just as much as the kids do. I woke up at 8:15 AM, stayed in bed reading a good book, and woke up again at 11:35 AM. It’s now 1:35 and I’m still in my bathrobe, having finished my 2nd cup of frothy coffee (frothee coffee?) – my favorite coffee made with frothed skim milk. I now have my knitting in my lap and my computer on the table in front of me.

I won’t get to do this all day, because my son M. has grown out of all of his clothes and is in need of a trip to the mall. I’ll have a few hours to relax like this before we go shopping and I come back home to dig in on the 19 report cards I have to do for my 3rd graders. I don’t love report cards. I’d rather teach the kids and have fun with them than grade them and write about them, but it has to be done. I’ll justify my procrastination by saying that knitting this dishcloth is relaxing and lets me gather my thoughts. Right?

This ballband dishcloth pattern is from Mason Dixon Knitting. It’s easy and it’s going pretty quickly. It might be an Easter hostess gift for my sister. The Lily Sugar’n Cream cotton colors are Easter-ish. This is my favorite yarn lately.

When I first started knitting, I used a lot of acrylic yarns because they’re so inexpensive. Then I got into felting and use a lot of beautiful wool yarns from my LYS. Now, I’m loving cotton. The Sugar’n Cream is inexpensive and comes in such pretty colors. I’ve made a lot of baby things with it and now I’m trying the dishcloths. I’ve made many big knitting and crocheting projects in the past, but now I like the small projects where I can see instant results and finish up fast. I get bored and like to move on to the next good thing. Like a lot of other knitters I’ve read about, I usually have several different things on the needles so I can switch between them. I also like the portable projects. I’m trying to gear myself up to start the Mitered Square Blanket in the MDK book. Lots of ends to weave, though. We’ll see.

Back to the ballband . . . That’s fun to say.

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